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A simple, quick reflection on your self care practices in 2020

2020 is coming to a close and you are here. You survived an incredibly tough year. A year that has been full of unexpected twists, surprising triumphs, and so much grieving, too.
I encourage you to pause before you dive into the new year-which may feel less new and shiny–and more a continuation of what we just had to endure this year.
During this pause, reflect on simple ways you will take care of yourself now and continuing into the new year. So often, we focus on external resolutions and goals, but not on the actions that actually sustain our minds, bodies, and souls.
Here are 4 simple questions you can ask yourself about your own self-care practice.
Question #1: What did you for self-care that worked this year? Remember to celebrate and be in gratitude for the ways you did take care of yourself. No action is too small to notice. For me, this involved taking more naps and reading more fiction books.
Question 2: What self-care practices were more difficult to maintain? No judgment here. Just notice what was more difficult without any guilt. For me, it was getting outside for fresh air and not setting boundaries with email and social media.
Question #3: What is one thing you can do to practice self-care at work? Our professional lives take a big part of our days, so self-care is crucial here. This might be doing deep breathing during the workday or not checking email after a certain time, or intentionally choosing not to have the camera on for Zoom calls a few times a week (one of my personal favorites).
Question #4: What is one thing you can do to practice self-care at home? Think of things that make you feel relaxed, more joyful, more creative, etc. And things that don’t take a lot of time.
Now, use the reflections from above to chose 1 or 2 self-care practices that you will make time for in your everyday life. What did you come up with? (hit reply and let me know!)
And remember..keep it simple.
2020 has given us enough to navigate, no need to add unnecessary pressure especially when it comes to making time to take care of yourself.
Have a peaceful and relaxing holiday season. Keep taking good care of yourself. I will see you in January for our next newsletter.
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