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Curiosity Notes - Issue #6 (I'm back!)

Hey friends, I'm back! It's been a little while, yes. I've been experimenting with what I've been spe
Curiosity Notes - Issue #6 (I'm back!)
By Kai Lovel • Issue #6 • View online
Hey friends,
I’m back! It’s been a little while, yes. I’ve been experimenting with what I’ve been spending my time on recently, and a lot of that time recently has gone into my business, Curiosity Digital.
To swing things back into balance, for the moment I’ve wrapped up the How to be Curious podcast, and this newsletter will be monthly.
As a result, there will be a bit more in here each month, so settle in.
The structure I’m running with will cover what’s been happening, a couple of key ideas I’ve been curious about lately and then some books/articles/videos I’ve been loving.
As always, thanks for reading!
What’s been happening
  • 📚 I’ve just wrapped up Term 3 at school
  • 🚧 I’ve revamped my website to better reflect my current work
  • 💡 With Curiosity Digital, we’ve just finished a great project with a men’s mental health organisation, Man Up WA.
  • 🗣 I’ve got some speaking gigs booked for later in the year (!)
  • 🍿 I’ve been working on a new content system (more below)
  • 📲 andddd I deleted social media! (more below)
As we go into holidays for two weeks, I’m busy first week with more website projects, as well as some exciting work experience opportunities, and second week I’m volunteering with zero2hero.

Curious idea #1 - a content system
Ever wished you could remember everything you’ve read? After watching Ali Abdaal’s video on how he remembers what he reads, watches & listens to on a day-to-day basis, I was curious enough to start to build a similar system for myself.
Just like this newsletter you are reading right now, we all consume different bits of content - some of which we want to hang on to. But just saving the link somewhere doesn’t mean we keep that idea in our minds over time, let alone action it in our lives.
Your content system needs to have three elements:
  • Capture (book highlights, articles, tweets, podcasts etc.)
  • Review (get reminded about those captures regularly)
  • Integrate (try and use those ideas in your everyday life)
Ways to capture may include apps like Instapaper/Pocket (for articles), Airr (for podcasts), Kindle (for eBooks) etc.
A great way to review those captures is an app called Readwise. It syncs automatically with all those apps, and even lets you add books you’ve read that it already has highlights/notes for. It then sends you a daily email with three of those captures for your review.
It helps you retain those ideas you get out of what you consume, and makes them far more actionable over time.
Try Readwise for yourself (and get 60 days free!)
Curious idea #2 - deleting social media
All gone. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Not just apps deleted from my phone, but accounts deleted for good.
Why? Considering I’m a Gen Z, and someone who runs a business helping business with their digital, it’s not necessarily expected.
If you’re on Netflix, there’s a show called The Social Dilemma that’s just come out, and it’s worth a watch. It’s copped some good & bad critic, but the message is fundamentally right - social media has its problems. Interestingly, my productivity has been increasing now that I don’t fill those empty moments with scrolling.
I’m still on LinkedIn, because frankly, the user interface is unappealing to me, and I only use it for messaging and networking. It serves it’s purpose.
What I've been loving
BOOK: Start With Why | Simon Sinek
WEB: Learn to code at home |
BOOK: Atomic Habits: An Easy Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
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