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Curiosity Notes - Issue #5

Morning friends! Today is a great day to be a human. School holidays are over, and the first week of
Curiosity Notes - Issue #5
By Kai Lovel • Issue #5 • View online
Morning friends!
Today is a great day to be a human.
School holidays are over, and the first week of term is done. I commute to school, which is a blessing & a curse, the blessing being that I can read a book in a few days on the train. More on books below.
I have also taken on some more website work lately, so I’m busy shuffling section blocks & styling buttons for some clients.
But what I’ve found most interesting, is a recent observation that I go in cycles. Some weeks, I’m really curious about “producing”. Creating things, writing things, recording things, sharing things.
Other weeks, I’m excited about “consuming”. I watch things, listen to things, read things, scroll, and scroll, through things etc.
For example, it was the other week where I wasn’t too big on “producing” that I decided to delete my professional Instagram presence. I felt it wasn’t really the right audience and the right content. It wasn’t working.
I’m becoming more okay with saying less, and seeing more. This issue includes some of the things I’ve seen - and enjoyed - in the past fortnight.
As always, thanks for reading.

APP: Write an idea for an app in English, and this AI creates the code for you.
ARTICLE: It’s Time To Retire The Term “White Privilege” | by Maj-le Bridges
NEWSLETTER: Morning Brew
BOOK: Atomic Habits: An Easy Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
VIDEO: "We Recreated Apple's macOS Big Sur Wallpaper with a Helicopter!"
And here’s a bonus video of some guys playing jazz for cows. Cause why not.
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