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The Non-Fungible Teacher: Metaverse for Education Newsletter Issue #15

Vriti Saraf
Vriti Saraf
This newsletter serves as your bridge from the real world to the advancements of web3 & the metaverse, specifically contextualized for education.

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Wow, @Ed3educators and the team have really created a innovative project that will transform education through educating educators. And, they also took their time to find an incredible artist that translated their vision into pieces like this one!
Dear Educators & Friends,
Education has been fundamentally broken for 100 years. Although new forms of learning are out there and many educators are innovating, the industry at large is fractured. Furthermore, adoption of efficacious practices require 1) knowledge 2) resources 3) relevancy and 4) appetite for risk… much of which are unevenly distributed.
As you know, k20 Educators aims to break down silos through our Eduverse environment. To further activate our community toward this work, k20 recently incubated a non-profit called Ed3 DAO, the first DAO for educators, by educators. (What is a DAO?)
The purpose of Ed3 DAO is to empower educators to solve problems in education using web3. We don’t believe web3 is the end-all, be-all solution. But we do believe web3 is emphasizing important paradigms for operating. These include:
We see educators starting impactful micro-schools & producing solutions for the teacher shortage. We see educators inventing useful Edtech products while continuing to teach dynamically in (& outside of) the classroom. We see educators revolutionizing education collaboratively, from across the globe and from within their districts.
Teachers are non-fungible; they are the only ones that can solve these problems because they understand them best. Not only that, but the more technology there is, the more we’ll need educators to curate and guide students toward meaningful use of that technology.
🌈The first NFT project empowering educators
k20 Educators & Ed3 DAO have partnered to launch the first NFT project for educators, called Ed3 Educators. As a starting point, it aims to bring educators into the web3 ecosystem and provide resources necessary to innovate, such as grants, conferences, and micro-credentials.
The artwork was conceptualized by Ed3 DAO co-founders and produced by k20’s incredible 3D designer, Sofiia, now a refugee from Ukraine. Sculpted entirely from scratch over six months, 231 assets have been randomly combined to create 6,000 NFTs. No two NFTs are the same.
We’re elated to share this labor of love with you all. If you’ve enjoyed reading this free newsletter and learning at our free events, I’d love for you to get involved.
💎 You’re already a web3 Early Adopter. It’s time for you to be a web3 Multiplier.
A multiplier is someone who creates exponential value for anyone who engages with them. To be a web3 multiplier, you have two calls to action.
1) 🤝 Join our free discord server to meet like-minded education professionals eager to innovate. 👇
Join the ED3 Educators Community
2) ⚡ If you are so inclined, mint your first Ed3 Educators NFT to support the mission of k20 & Ed3 DAO. When you mint, you can keep or gift any of the free airdrops, including a web3 course, a ticket to the first web3 for education conference, and social tokens to the Ed3DAO, while also retaining the beautiful artwork. 👇
Mint Ed3 Educators NFT
🙅‍♀️ Don’t settle. Education isn’t right yet.
I am so grateful for your support and interest in the new frontier of education.
Education is the starting point for every industry’s virtuous cycle of positive outputs. The more you read, engage, ask questions, and ideate in education, the more our workforce will improve, and the greater the chances of the next generation building an incredible world.
Warmly yours,
Vriti & the k20 Educators team
Trisha Callella ➡️ web3
“We need to help more educators understand #web3, so they can give their students opportunities to build in web3.” @VritiSaraf on why @Ed3educators matter so much right now.
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Vriti Saraf
Vriti Saraf @k20educators

For educators, by educators, this newsletter is a bridge from the real world, to the advancements of web3 & the metaverse, specifically contextualized for education. 2x/month.

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