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Intro to Web3 Credentials: Metaverse for Education Newsletter Issue #14

Vriti Saraf
Vriti Saraf
This newsletter serves as your bridge from the real world to the advancements of web3 & the metaverse, specifically contextualized for education.

Dear Educators & Friends,
As crypto continues to tank 📉, web3 is… actively gaining momentum .
Last week, the World Economic Forum at Davos featured blockchain panels with prominent leaders of international banks, centralized finance companies, crypto researchers, and policy makers. Of their 6 conference themes, “Our Future is Digital” has spawned a new initiative to build an equitable, interoperable, & safe metaverse.
The truth is, web3 has been quietly growing for years. I say quietly not because it’s in secret, but because we haven’t been listening.
  • In 2017, manufacturing companies started using blockchain in supply-chain manufacturing.
  • In 2018, tech companies started using blockchain to verify credentials.
  • In 2021, a whole country adopted cryptocurrency as legal tender.
  • In 2021, the largest social media company banked it’s entire $86b reputation on the metaverse.
Those aren’t even the earliest or most prominent use cases.
All this to say, if we follow the money, the policies, & the leadership…the future is being shaped by web3. And we as educators MUST be ready for it.
So, two things.
1) This newsletter issue is all about on-chain credentials. We are defining credentials as evidence of one’s identity, administratively or qualitatively. These digital identifiers are probably the most practical use case case for blockchain in any industry, but ESPECIALLY education. Think: transcripts, badges, certifications, attendance, IDs, etc.
2) Ed3 DAO is launching the world’s first web3 certification program for educators. The goal is to empower 1 million educators with web3 knowledge & tools to create opportunities for themselves and their students in the future of work. If you’re interested in bringing this credential to your school or to an educator in your life, contact Ed3 DAO.
We must recognize the opportunity education has at this very moment in time to take a regenerative path using web3. If you’re an educator of any kind…
I implore you to seize it.
Warmly yours,
Vriti & the k20 Educators
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This week’s Metaverse for Education newsletter is about Web3 Credentialing. More to come on other web3 topics. We’re excited to bring education into the Metaverse & help you leverage the opportunities in the new world.
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Vriti Saraf
Vriti Saraf @k20educators

For educators, by educators, this newsletter is a bridge from the real world, to the advancements of web3 & the metaverse, specifically contextualized for education. 2x/month.

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