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Vriti Saraf
Vriti Saraf
This newsletter serves as your bridge from the real world to the advancements of web3 & the metaverse, specifically contextualized for education.

Vriti Saraf 🌐 3.0
Social tokens 🪙 are blowing my mind lately:

1) 🙌you get as much value as you give
2) 😍you trade your limited tokens for what you value most
3) ⏳your time, skills, & experience become a standard token that can be traded

What is the balance b/t extrinsic & intrinsic value?🧐
Hello Educators & Friends!
Web3 is taking 2022 by storm. The tech is getting more advanced but the underlying concepts aren’t all that new.
Let’s talk tokens. Educators have been using the concept of tokens in their classrooms for ages. Earning a tangible asset for an intangible behavior is a common practice for incentivizing outcomes. Tokenization in web3 follows the same principle.
Tokenization is an umbrella term describing the secure transfer of data and information into a tangible asset (a token) with ownership rights. There are many different types of tokens and use cases, including: art (NFTs), social tokens, crypto tokens, data storage tokens, learning tokens, and more. Each token holds different types of data and can be fungible or non-fungible. Check out this week’s issue below to learn about all the different types of tokens.
These unique use-cases can gamify a possibly equitable world where curators, creators, and learners are incentivized to engage. But we have to be careful to avoid an extrinsically incentivized existence.
In related news, 2022 has already been a whirlwind for k20 Educators & k20 DAO. We have emerged as leaders in web3 for education & we’re consulting for school districts and Edtech companies on web3 professional learning (email for more info). And the DAO has been iterating it’s whitepaper & operations under the stealth 100 members, gearing up for it’s public launch in March. And of course, we’re elated to meet you in the Eduverse this Spring.
Sending warmth and soon, k20 tokens too.
Vriti & k20 Educators
Learn about the Metaverse for Education
Uses cases for tokenization Education
…in Communities Real Estate Music & Media Data Storage
…in Retail
To learn more about non-fungible tokens (NFTs), check out our previous newsletter.
Do Something in the Metaverse
Buy a token
All token purchases require the creation of a digital wallet. Since there are so many types of tokens, here are three places you can figure out what you want to buy:
Create a token
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This week’s Metaverse for Education newsletter was an intro to Tokenization. More to come on NFTs, DAOs, cryptocurrency, blockchain, & more. We’re excited to bring education into the Metaverse & help you leverage the opportunities in the new world.
Join our community of innovative educators in the Eduverse.
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Vriti Saraf
Vriti Saraf @k20educators

For educators, by educators, this newsletter is a bridge from the real world, to the advancements of web3 & the metaverse, specifically contextualized for education. 2x/month.

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