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Vriti Saraf
Vriti Saraf
This newsletter serves as your bridge from the real world to the advancements of web3 & the metaverse, specifically contextualized for education.

Ever heard of SOPPA Compliance? This is why it’s so important. @VritiSaraf #ideaU #IDEAil
Dear Educators & Friends,
We’ve had another week of major web3 news across industry!
  • Starbucks launched a web3 rewards program
  • 📔Pearson announced textbooks sales as NFTs
  • 📜Indian state of Maharashtra launched 100,000 diplomas on blockchain
  • 👜Gucci to accept ape-coin as currency
For better or for worse, web3 is everywhere. It is shaping our workforce & will soon filter into every facet of our lives. And yet, young people are seeking out crypto, NFT, & metaverse related learning & earning resources on their own because schools are still in the dark.
Last week, I keynoted at IDEAcon, the Illinois Digital Educators Alliance Conference. We explored how web2 collected personal data to monetize off free services. As pictured above, educators found the idea of digital identities owned by FB & Google to be pretty disturbing considering that a total of 100 million accounts were hacked across both platforms in the last five years.
Web3 on the flipside, promises decentralization & therefore, ownership of data. But what does that mean for privacy? With more students tapping into the public, immutable web3 ecosystem on their own, how do we ensure their identities are safe?
This issue is all about privacy in web3. To break it down before you dive in, it will help to think about privacy from these avenues:
  • Access: who or what has permission over your info?
  • Visibility: who can see your info?
  • Storage: how is data stored?
  • Identity: do you want to be anonymous or confidential?
  • Keys: how can you & others access your info?
  • Timeline: when is your info public vs private?
  • Tradeoffs: what do you lose or gain from different privacy levels?
Web3 builders have actually been thinking about privacy for a while now. They’re innovating like crazy from zk-SNARKS to custom privacy chains… building protocols & rules from thin air, like magic. Check it all out below.
As usual, I’m hopeful we’re moving toward a brighter future and passionately committed to bringing that future closer to education. For more resources, hop into our Discord.
Warmly yours,
Vriti & k20 Educators team
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This week’s Metaverse for Education newsletter is about privacy in web3. More to come on other web3 topics. We’re excited to bring education into the Metaverse & help you leverage the opportunities in the new world.
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Vriti Saraf
Vriti Saraf @vritisaraf

For educators, by educators, this newsletter is a bridge from the real world, to the advancements of web3 & the metaverse, specifically contextualized for education. 2x/month.

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