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Intro to DeFi: Metaverse for Education Newsletter Issue #5

Vriti Saraf
Vriti Saraf
This newsletter serves as your bridge from the real world to the advancements of web3 & the metaverse, specifically contextualized for education.

Vriti Saraf 🌐 3.0ᵍᵐ
Social impact will be revolutionized by incentivization of contributions 💰. Considering how many corps donate for tax benefits today, imagine if donors could contribute their crypto staking yield 🪙 , earn voting rights on the allocation of funds, & social cred too✅? #DeFi
Hello Educators & Friends!
We hope 2022 is the year of YOU.
We’re excited to bring educators closer to web3 and the Eduverse this year. This week’s issue is all about DeFi, or decentralized finance. DeFi describes all blockchain based financial services that do not require intermediaries (like a bank).
Last year, $247 billion were deposited into DeFi services and nearly 50% of millennial millionaires have 25%+ of their wealth in cryptocurrencies. We are NOT providing financial advice with this newsletter. We are hoping to help you understand DeFi & future trends.
DeFi presents a slew of opportunities for the world because it enables frictionless lending, cross-border payments, micro-transactions, transparent fundraising, better returns on investment, and access to global currency. Imagine if you could receive currency that was not tied to nations but to utility and community value, without any middlemen. 🤯
The question for us of course is, how will DeFi impact education?
Surprisingly, we found very little content on this. While many are talking about micro-credentials and tokenomics in education, the most practical and sensitive topics for school reform- funding & disbursements- are barely discussed. It’s definitely not sexy to ideate about but the opportunity for DeFi to disrupt these systems is massive.
So not surprisingly, we wrote a piece of our own.
Our hope is that seeing such sparse content for how DeFi can disrupt school models will inspire you to research, hypothesize, & take action.
We wish you a happy, healthy, crypto & web3-wealthy, new year.
Vriti & k20 Educators
Learn about the Metaverse for Education
Do Something in the Metaverse
(Disclaimer: Due diligence is advised before interacting with DeFi protocols, none of which are promoted content. k20 Educators and any related parties are not responsible for your activities. This newsletter is not financial advise.)
Ready to get started?
Examples of unique use cases for DeFi
Send money around the globe
Borrow & lend money
  • Lend tokens to earn interest & withdraw any time
  • Trade, borrow, and save with Dai, an Ethereum stablecoin
Trading tokens with a DEX
Grow your portfolio based on a strategy of your choice
  • Track your portfolio & use a range of DeFi products
  • Manage your portfolio and evaluate every DeFi asset on the market
  • Tax reporting tool for your portfolio
Want to build stuff in DeFi?
🗓️ Events
  • An open discussion on trends in DeFi & web3 (multiple dates)
  • Risk analysis for DeFi use cases (February 5, 2022)
  • An AMA on all things web3 for education (February 21, 2022)
  • You’ve got time until this DeFi conference (August 5, 2022)
This week’s Metaverse for Education newsletter was an intro to DeFi (Decentralized Finance). More to come on NFTs, DAOs, cryptocurrency, blockchain, & more. We’re excited to bring education into the Metaverse & help you leverage the opportunities in the new world.
Join our community of innovative educators in the Eduverse.
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Vriti Saraf
Vriti Saraf @vritisaraf

For educators, by educators, this newsletter is a bridge from the real world, to the advancements of web3 & the metaverse, specifically contextualized for education. 2x/month.

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