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The Dream is a Trap


Just Rolling with It

September 22 · Issue #108 · View online

Pursuing our dreams, not theirs.

Ideas on pursuing our individual dreams, not the dreams of others. Learning to hear our inner voice to guide us toward them while filtering out the noise of modern society’s dream pushers.

How is it that the Dream traps so many of us?
What makes it so powerful?
It traps us in a belief system that tells us the Dream is the “right” and “only” way.
This belief system causes us to get trapped in jobs that -
  • We don’t enjoy
  • Cause us to feel powerless, hopeless, sad, resentful and maybe even angry
  • Cause us to constantly complain about the job, company, co-workers, boss or the catch-all “them/they”, e.g. “they told me I couldn’t…” or “I would, except they…”
  • Don’t allow us to realize our true potential
  • Don’t allow us to express our true selves
  • Cause us to make unhealthy choices, negatively affecting our physical, emotional and psychological wellness
  • Cause us to believe that enjoyment and joy is only possible outside of work, e.g. on weekends or vacation
  • Keep us running on a never ending race to accumulate more
  • Cause us to convince ourselves that this is the way things are supposed to and have to be
  • Keep us so “busy” that we don’t have the headspace to even realize we’re trapped
I don’t know the answer. From my own experience chasing The Dream for so long, here are some reasons I suspect that give The Dream its power -
  • The human need to be accepted and belong
It’s easier to relate to people who are also chasing The Dream, rather than seek out and connect with those who aren’t.
  • A fear of risk
The Dream Pushers trick us into believing The Dream is a low risk lifestyle.
  • Attachment to comfort and aversion to discomfort
The Dream is sold to us as a neat and predictable life plan. We’re tricked into believing it provides comfort and ease.
  • Aversion to responsibility
The Dream Pushers tell us what to do. For some, this may be attractive, particularly if they have an aversion to taking responsibility for their own happiness.
  • The overwhelming onslaught of distraction The Dream Pushers bombard us with all the time
The Dream is pushed on us every waking minute of our lives. We get trapped in a cycle of never-ending busyness and distraction. We get trapped in habitual reactions and responses.
As a result, we feel we’re “so busy” that we have “no time” to be still. Being still is a pre-requisite to clear thinking.
Clear thinking can make space for us to question The Dream. The Dream Pushers don’t want that.
What am I missing? Why do you feel The Dream is such a powerful trap?
Let me know by responding to this email. I reply to every response.
Catch you next week, with gratitude,
Semi-Random Thoughts
I’m never low on random thoughts, thanks to my active monkey mind 🐒
This week I’m feeling a bit low on the “semi-” which tends to organize the randomness a bit.
As a result, on the the photo of the week 🙂👇
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Moneyland: The Inside Story of the Crooks and Kleptocrats Who Rule the World by Oliver Bullough
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