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The Dream Destroyer


Just Rolling with It

October 20 · Issue #111 · View online

Pursuing our dreams, not theirs.

Ideas on pursuing our individual dreams, not the dreams of others. Learning to hear our inner voice to guide us toward them while filtering out the noise of modern society’s dream pushers.

I’ve written before about The Dream’s power. You can find those issues here and here.
Today I started thinking from the opposite direction.
What can actually destroy The Dream?
The answer came easy to me.
It came easy today.
Yet it took many years to come to me.
The answer was hidden from me for a very long time though. The Dream Pushers hid it. I hid it from myself.
I hid it very far away, for a long time.
The Dream Pushers were complicit in this obfuscation.
So what is the answer? What is able to stand up to and resist The Dream’s power. What can destroy The Dream and allow us to pursue our dream instead?
I believe the answer is a simple one. It’s simple yet not easy.
The answer is us.
Actually, the answer is you. The answer is me.
Only we can destroy The Dream It is only a job you can do for yourself.
We can get help and we’ll likely need help.
Yet, in the end, only you can destroy The Dream. Only you can filter Your Dream from The Dream Pushers’ noise.
Only you can find the faith and confidence in yourself to pursue your Your Dream and not The Dream.
JRWI is here to help.
How can I help?
Let me know by responding to this email. I reply to every response.
Catch you next week,
Semi-Random Thoughts
Recovering from a few short nights of sleep and one sleepless night on my recent Japan trip reminded me of sleep’s importance. Each time I get reminded of this, it reinforces my belief that people who say they don’t need sleep are deluding themselves.
I feel grateful to finish a couple of books I’ve been reading on the flights to/from Japan. As a result, you’ll see Reboot and Moneyland drop from the reading list as of next week. I’m looking forward to joining a Reboot coaching circle in November.
I read the first half of Edward Snowden’s book, Permanent Record. It reminded me of certain points in my career. For example, I interviewed for a CIA internship during college. Reading the book reminds me how different my life would have been, had I gone down that path and how grateful I feel that I didn’t.
Photo of the Week
Image by justrollingwithit Image by justrollingwithit
Current Reading List
Moneyland: The Inside Story of the Crooks and Kleptocrats Who Rule the World by Oliver Bullough
Jerry Colonna is the CEO, and co-founder, of, an executive coaching and leadership development firm whose coaches and facilitators are committed to the notion that better humans make better leaders.
Keeping Your Child in Mind (A Merloyd Lawrence Book): Claudia M. Gold: 9780738214856: Books
Permanent Record by Edward Snowden
Current Playlist
John Robinson WBLS N.Y Mastermix 25/12/1991 by Chris Wildblood | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Kerri Chandler - Movin' Non Stop (1995) by Kerri Chandler | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Kiss Disco Club Classics by Kerri Chandler | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Tony Humphries and Shep Pettibone 98.7 Kiss FM N.Y Mastermix 25/12/1980 by Chris Wildblood | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Something for Your Mind ..Body .. and Soul-Pt 2 by djadamt | Adam NC1BRUVA | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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