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Chasing the Goose


Just Rolling with It

December 2 · Issue #115 · View online

Pursuing our dreams, not theirs.

Ideas on pursuing our individual dreams, not the dreams of others. Learning to hear our inner voice to guide us toward them while filtering out the noise of modern society’s dream pushers.

Canada Goose has created quite the “aspirational” brand. According to this definition, an aspirational brand is
s‘ arsenal.
I’ve become acutely aware of Canada Goose’s success while living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The awareness started to build about 5 or so years ago.
The signature fur-lined hoods began popping up here and there among a certain population. They multiplied exponentially within that population after the holiday gift-giving season that year.
They started appearing more and more each year. The reach began crossing boundaries.
They continued multiplying despite a graphic campaign against the company’s use of fur linings. Part of me wondered if it was actually Canada Goose running the campaign, so they could sell new jackets without the fur-lined hoods.
The fur-lined hoods disappeared. Yet the geese kept multiplying, much faster than the real family of geese my family feeds old bread to in the East River.
Then I saw it.
A gunmetal land rover pulled around the corner, toward a new and shiny luxury condo building. The couple in front MATCHING Canada Goose jackets, with a Weimaraner dog in the back seat.
I couldn’t help but think they bought The Dream Pushers story, hook line and sinker 🙄
I was reminded of this yesterday. I had just finished meditating in the car. I was waiting with my napping son, while my partner was exploring Marshalls for a Christmas tree skirt.
We were in Sunnyside, Queens. It’s much less “affluent” part of NYC than Williamsburg.
I spotted the Goose AGAIN. This time a couple matching Geese, pushing a newborn in a stroller. I noticed this as they emerged from their “entry level” Mercedes. I guess Mercedes is also an “aspirational” brand, even giving customers an easy on-ramp into the ownership “experience”.)
Damn, The Dream Pushers got them too.
Recalling these memories to write this reminds me just how powerful The Dream and its Pushers really are.
Scary, isn’t it?
How about you? How do you recognize The Dream Pushers at work?
Let me know by responding directly to this email. I respond to each reply.
Catch you next week,
Semi-Random Thoughts
This section hasn’t manifested the way I intended. By the time I get to it, I’m usually too burnt out to write anything.
I started a new blog to capture these thoughts instead. It’s a place I can write short posts in an unstructured way. If you’d like to follow-along, you can find and subscribe to it here. I’m trying to write there daily.
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