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Weekly Wisdom by Just More Alive
Drop the perfectionism😮😮😮

Hello beautiful people!!!
Today I am going to tell you something about myself. I’m a recovering perfectionist. 🙈🙈
I know it’s hard to say this and even more hard to do it because as far as I remember perfectionism has been my personal achievement standard. The perfectionist in you can understand this very well.
I agree that perfectionism is definitely a positive trait but sometimes it leads you to self-defeating thoughts. That’s why Perfectionism is just as much of a strength as it is a weakness.
If you have noticed perfectionists are procrastinators. Yeah because when you care too much about everything being perfect you don’t get anything done. Beside you also find it hard to accept the mistake or failure. Being a perfectionist means no room for failure which usually lead to lack of confidence.
There are many other reasons too where you need to think about your perfectonism trait. For example perfectionists are very detail oriented and it’s good until they spend way too much time focusing on things that are not very important. This can lead to delaying the main task.
Perfectionists don’t trust others to handle their tasks. They find it very difficult to delegate hence they become micromanagers.
Hewitt (Co author of Perfectionism: A Relational Approach to Conceptualization, Assessment, and Treatment) said; Perfectionism is a broad personality style characterized by a hypercritical relationship with one’s self. Setting high standards and aiming for excellence can be positive traits, but perfectionism is dysfunctional, because it’s underscored by a person’s sense of themselves as permanently flawed or defective. “One way they try to correct that is by being perfect,“.
Ultimately, perfectionism can negatively impact your relationships, how you work, your home life, and etc. If your perfectionistic tendencies make it hard for you to relax and enjoy yourself then its time to think about it.
Remember, striving for perfection isn’t the same as being competitive or aiming for excellence, which can be healthy things. The perfectionism become toxic when you’re holding yourself to an impossible standard that can never be achieved — essentially setting yourself up for perpetual failure.
Therefore, drop the perfectionism and try to be good than perfect. That means you should still strive for excellence but at the same time focus on getting the job done.
With that, see you in the next email where I will share how you can overcome your toxic perfectionistic trait.
Till then happy reading and be better than perfect!!! 😉😉
Prerna Dhulekar
Just More Alive
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Prerna Dhulekar

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