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Weekly Wisdom by Just More Alive
Ways to manage your perfectionism

Hi there,
Happy Weekend!!!
I am back with my 10th issue. As in my last newsletter, I have discussed how perfectionism is just as much of a strength as it is a weakness. Being a recovering perfectionist myself I am going to share some of my tried and tested ways to overcome the toxic perfectionism.
But before that let me remind you there’s nothing wrong with striving for quality work and aiming for excellence. But if you don’t meet your deadline often or taking more than the required time on task because you’re hung on minutiae, it’s time to pause and examine what’s really going on.
So, let’s explore some ways you can use to stop being your worst enemy
  • Focus on the positives
Perfectionists have honed the skill to spot mistakes even in the best works of others and themselves. To fix everything they tend to focus only on the negative parts. While this habit is difficult to stop but it’s also necessary to recognize the good. That’s why to soften your tendency to notice only the bad make a conscious effort to notice the good as well. This will balance out your critical focus and you will gain a positive outlook.
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes
“It is well to cultivate a friendly feeling towards error, to treat it as a companion inseparable from our lives, as something having a purpose which it truly has.” — Maria Montessori
The first thing you need to remind yourself is, no one is immune to making mistakes. You are human, after all! You can’t avoid mistakes hence, it would be great to use them for your own benefit.
Mistakes are opportunities- learn from them to grow and do better. The best example is children. Think about children how excited they are when they practice walking, cycling, making a blockhouse, or trying to write a new alphabet. How many times they fall, they make mistakes before learning something. The anticipation of the joy of learning beats the fear of their failure. Therefore, instead of trying to be perfect, focus on enjoying the activity and learn how to get better. I am sure soon you will realize that mistakes are necessary to get to where you want to be.
  • Look at the bigger picture
It means thinking about how your actions can affect the overall success or the targeted goal. Beside, it is crucial for achievement because knowing what to focus on can help in managing your time efficiently, creating actionable goals, thus managing stress. Looking at the bigger picture helps you understand where you are heading and gives you a clear vision of your goals.
Remember that the person who pressures you the most is yourself. Be kind to yourself. Practice self-acceptance by lowering unrealistic standards you set for yourself. There is no such thing as “perfect,” but we can be proud of doing our best.
Also, if you want a detailed blog on perfectionism and how to overcome that please revert me on this mail or you can directly mail at justmorealive.com.
With that, see you next saturday.
Till then happy reading and be better rather than perfect!!! 😉😉
Prerna Dhulekar
Just More Alive
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Prerna Dhulekar

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