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Shut Up and Listen - Issue #8

Hang in there.
Shut Up and Listen
Shut Up and Listen - Issue #8
By Justine Goode • Issue #8 • View online
Hang in there.

It’s been a hard couple of weeks. From Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s searing testimony to yesterday’s devastating yet unsurprising decision, it’s hard to feel anything but blinding rage and bone-deep fatigue.
I don’t have much else to say, except that I’m grateful that even when everything seems horrible and upside down, there is still a wealth of smart, funny, fascinating, complex, critical, and compassionate media out there that we can lose ourselves in and learn from.
Special shoutout this week to the new podcast Happy Face, in which Melissa Moore investigates the crimes of her father—serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson. It’s completely riveting and doesn’t feels exploitative of this family’s story, as Moore herself is the one shaping the narrative, and doing so with integrity and rigor.
So anyways—hope you’re doing okay today, and thanks as always for reading. Also, these are podcasts from the past 2 weeks, because I didn’t send a newsletter out last week (sorry) (won’t happen again) (it might).
The Daily
Happy Face
Love Stories by Dolly Alderton on Apple Podcasts
Terrible, Thanks For Asking
Modern Love
Jen Gotch is OK...Sometimes
By The Book
Monsters Among Us
Podcasts I may not have listened to this week, but highly recommend.
Podcasts I may not have listened to this week, but highly recommend.
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