Juan Crusoe

I'm @juancrusoe. Every Friday I share my weekly observations. I try to make them short and entertaining.

I'm @juancrusoe.
Every Friday I share my weekly observations. I try to make them short and entertaining.

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Juan Crusoe - Issue #15

¡Hola!The idea that if only we could replicate the habits and workspaces of great minds, we’d be able to reverse-engineer their genius is, of course, an absurd one — yet an alluring one nonetheless… This week I couldn't resist the beauty of Donald Judd's work…


Juan Crusoe - Issue #14

¡Hola!You know I'm a great fan of Salva López. We haven't met in person (yet), but we were amused to find out that we had stayed at the same hotel in Lugano on the same day, three or four years ago. He just published Illa, a beautiful book with a design that …


Juan Crusoe - Issue #13

¡Hola!Between travelling and working (a lot) this week, I've barely had time for anything else. Sorry! Below I leave you with a link to the blog that my wife updates only during 24 days a year, look how much she works!Until next week.


Juan Crusoe - Issue #12

¡Hola!What I liked most this week was discovering the work of James Lacroix. I spent a long time enjoying the care with which he treats the color, direction and quality of light, etc... And many times using just an iPhone. Envy.


Juan Crusoe - Issue #11

¡Hola!For this week that is so full of bad news, a bit of yoga comes in handy. I was with my friend Cata, who is setting up her own studio. I hope to be able to convince her to call it "La Yogista". It's a good name, isn't it? In the photo below I caught her …


Juan Crusoe - Issue #10

¡Hola!This week I found those types of desolate things that I am hopelessly in love with. You know: ghost buildings, forgotten projects, brutalist architecture, etc. Let's see what you think.


Juan Crusoe - Issue #9

¡Hola!Today I send you a weird selection of psychedelic Bolivian mansions, new cartography, japanese low-tech, heavy-metal logos and architectural projects that were never built. But, most of all, look at these photos of Braun products. Aren't they a wonderfu…


Juan Crusoe - Issue #8

¡Hola!This week of alarming announcements on food, the most memorable thing were these incredible mushrooms I found. By the way, yes, I found them at a market, don't get any ideas. And, well, OK, maybe they are not the most suitable kind for the recipe I had …


Juan Crusoe - Issue #7

¡Hola!This year I decided to embrace the rain. We’ve been fooled in thinking that rainy days mean we must lock ourselves in our houses until the sun comes out. There’s something wonderful about taking a stroll in the rain. The key is to be prepared, so I just…


Juan Crusoe - Issue #6

It's a special project for me. The family that owns the hotel is almost as committed to their business as they are to promoting the Sierra de Ancares. So I've done a lot of walking with them, as they enthusiastically pointed out the mountain paths to me. And …


Juan Crusoe - Issue #5

¡Hola!I'm having a great time producing a series of art prints — check out a few photos below. This is a project I'm doing with my friend Julia, who, honestly, is also the most talented graphic designer I know. And there she is, mixing inks in the printer, a…


Juan Crusoe - Issue #4

¡Hola!This week I read a couple of things on how to understand freedom, the story of a microstate in a Northern Sea oil platform and an intelligent observation from Morton Feldman quoted by John Cage in a conference:Artists talk a lot about freedom. So, recal…


Crusoe - Issue #3

¡Hola!This week was quite special; I was honored that one of my photos was selected to be the cover of "Miudo" magazine's first issue. The reveal took place on Tuesday in Madrid and it made me really happy to personally meet all these friends that I have know…


Crusoe - Issue #2

¡Hola!I'm working on something a bit different from usual - a line of simple wooden furniture. They're replicas of the better-known models everybody has in mind, but much cheaper. The photos below are of some of the prototypes. Please let me know what you thi…


Crusoe — weekly digest

I went walking to stretch out the summer. I tried a new lens with a focal distance that strikes me as a bit odd. I guess I am more accustomed to wide angles, or to the "normal" vision that you get from a 50mm. It was all so green that when I got home I …