The SMB Ops Letter

By Josh Schultz

A letter on small business, operational principles, best practices, and tech... for when a thread just won't do.

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The SMB Ops Letter - The Goal Of Your Business System

Building systems to run your business is about more than just including process and automation, it's about designing a system that can adapt and grow. One of the biggest decisions that you will make in regards to building operational systems is setting their …


The SMB Ops Letter - The Performance - Longevity Spectrum

Across America, there are cities with traces of their once great history, now full of empty factories, warehouses, and industrial centers. Some attract developers looking to create industrial lofts or shopping out of the exposed brick walls and streets, other…


SMB Operations: How Metrics Can Grow Or Crush Your Business

Metrics... managers love them, employees hate them, and your customers could care less about them as long as you deliver.So why is so much importance given to something our customer doesn't care about, never knows about, and is not required for running a busi…


The SMB Ops Letter - A Gentle Intro To Process Improvement

Good Morning!Last week we jumped into a few benefits you and your company can get from process work including:providing claritybringing common understandingbroadening perspectivebringing visibilityproviding a basis for improvementdocumenting for scaleAll of t…


The SMB Ops Letter - Why Be Excited About Such A Boring Topic: Process?

Greetings from Austin!If you are reading this, you most likely follow me on Twitter and are at least somewhat interested in small business. First off, thank you for being part of that community. I appreciate all of you and love seeing the learning and success…