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Write it Right - Issue #9

Write it Right
Write it Right
Welcome to Issue #9 of Write it Right! This week we discuss the several mergers and acquisitions that are happening in the publishing industry, as well as a reminder for authors to stay vigilant about royalty payments.

5 Tips to Protect Your Book When Your Publisher Gets Acquired
Last week, Hachette Book Group acquired Workman Publishing for $240 million, the latest acquisition in what seems like an ever-shrinking publishing industry. Earlier this year, Penguin Random House announced it was acquiring Simon and Schuster, and HarperCollins stated it was acquiring Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Moreover, the Workman acquisition is Hachette’s sixth acquisition in eight years (Hyperion, 2013; Black Dog and Leventhal, 2015; Perseus Book Group, 2016; Worth Publishing, 2018; 1,000 titles from Disney, 2020). Acquisitions happen all the time, but to the average reader, there seems to be no end in sight recently, which begs the question: what if this happens to my publisher? Will I have to get another editor? Will my book still be published? What can I do to protect myself? Below are 5 tips to make sure your book is in safe hands:
  1. Try to negotiate for control of any assignment of your contract. This is admittedly tough to get.
  2. Try to negotiate a right to approve a new editor (if your current editor is taken off the book).
  3. Ask the new publisher to give you time to revise your manuscript (if your book is not officially accepted yet)
  4. Try to negotiate a kill fee/rights reversion if your manuscript is rejected
  5. Give the new publisher a deadline to publish your work once it’s accepted.
Missing Royalties
#DisneyMustPay Joint Task Force Helping Writers and Artists Collect Missing Royalties
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Write it Right
Write it Right

Write it Right

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