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Write it Right - Issue #12

Write it Right
Write it Right
Welcome to Issue # 12 of Write it Right, where we dive into tips in negotiating permissions, and the latest in Pearson’s copyright infringement lawsuit

Negotiation Tips in Permissions Agreements
When you are asking permission to use materials, you may want to use these tips:
  1. Describe the exact use of the text and how it will appear in your work.
  2. Define the territory (i.e., where the publication will be published, like the US, Canada, and its territories; the UK Commonwealth; the world, etc.).
  3. Try your best to determine the amount of copies you’ll print (if POD this may not be applicable)
  4. Determine how the third party’s author will be credited.
  5. Try to see if the copyright owner will waive a permissions fee. If not, try to negotiate a low fee.
Legal News
Pearson Sues Chegg For Copyright Infringement
Disclaimer: This newsletter is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be, nor construed as, legal advice. If you have a legal matter, contact an attorney near you.
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Write it Right
Write it Right

Write it Right

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