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Jordy van den Boom - Issue #2

Hello my nerdy friends 🤓, So last week I wrote my first ever newsletter. I want to thank everyone for

Jordy van den Boom

August 15 · Issue #2 · View online
Senior UX Designer @Nis5 • Co-founder @Gruppup • @FWA Judge • Head of Programming @AdobeUserGroup

Hello my nerdy friends 🤓,
So last week I wrote my first ever newsletter. I want to thank everyone for the great response! Had some really good feedback, compliments and enthusiastic replies! Because of that I decided to create my second letter. So to my old friends, welcome to another newsletter. To my new friends, welcome and thanks for subscribing!
Before I actually started writing my second newsletter I wanted to focus on UX in gaming. However, when I checked my Revue-Inbox, I found a lot of links that contain content about product design. Wether they were simple lists of product pages, inspirational articles and even a method of A/B testing that they used at Netflix, they were all product design related. I made a selection that I thought was worth sharing.

Product design pages
Last week was mostly about product design. Several links were shared via Twitter and Product Hunt. The lists contain a lot of shite and a few will be worth saving. I don’t believe the lists are curated, but more an “all I can find” list. Would be awesome to see someone build upon this concept, but with a more quality over quantity list. 
Nevertheless, I wanted to share these three websites. Hopefully some of them will inspire you 💪🏼
Store Pages
Pricing Pages
Product Pages
Articles in product design
So in this week I found two articles worth sharing. The first one is about how to design better forms, which is a really good one to read. I think it’s really important that we all get consistent in how to use basic knowledge in designing forms. If we all use Andrew’s article, we’ll be fine for the next coming months.
The second article is about why product thinking will be the next big thing in UX design. I know a lot of my readers already think this way. But Nikkel wrote a good but short article that every designer that subscribed to my list should read.
Design Better Forms
Why Product Thinking is the next big thing in UX Design
Methods in UX Design
There are more methods in UX Design than prototyping tools (and there are a lot of prototyping tools these days). One of these methods is A/B Testing. Jessie attended Designers+Geeks and shared her takeaways from a presentation given by Netflix.
The second article is about card sorting. Andrew explains how to uncover hidden insights and informational structures before lunch time
How Netflix does A/B Testing
Card Sorting The Fast Way
When you’re more interested in UX Design methods, let me know on Twitter. We don’t talk a lot about these methods. But using the right ones in the right time can give you a lot of insights.
Anyway, that’s it for this week! Thank you everyone for reading this weeks newsletter. Have a fantastic week, and hopefully till next time 💪🏼!
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