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JBT's RL #9: A modern miracle, pigs - the original 401k plan, & 2 careers are better than 1

JBT's RL #9: A modern miracle, pigs - the original 401k plan, & 2 careers are better than 1
By Jordan Thibodeau • Issue #9 • View online
Hey Tribe,
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Every time I read or watch the news, all I hear about is our nation’s current political drama. The more you listen to it, you think the entire world is collapsing. However, this drama is burying a story that should be front page news.
FDA just approved a new miracle immunotherapy drug to treat leukemia. Children that were unresponsive to standard chemo treatments are eligible for the drug. Of those who used it, 83% of them went into remission.
I first came across the power of immunotherapy when my father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The doctor said he only had a few weeks to live. But luckily he was a candidate for a new immunotherapy drug. After using the drug, he’s now in remission and has been healthy for a year and a half.
We lose 7.6 million people a year to cancer. We all know someone living with cancer and we saw the ravaging effects it had on them and those they love. Now, we are on the cusp of wiping out this disease. It’s truly a great time to be alive.
After seeing first hand the power immunotherapy has to save lives, I’m incredibly optimistic about our future. Over the next few years, cancer will go from a death sentence to a curable disease.
Most of our political discourse focuses on inequality in terms of wealth, but with so many breakthroughs happening each day, inequality of wealth pales in comparison to the inequality of time. For those of us lucky enough to be born during this golden age of tech, we are blessed to share in the fruits of societies technological breakthroughs. As crazy as it sounds, my dad was lucky to be diagnosed with cancer last year, but what about all of those who were diagnosed with cancer before him? What if my mother was diagnosed with cancer 15 years later in life? Would she still be here today?
We must focus our political debate on how we can make it easier and faster for these life-saving breakthroughs to make it to market so that we can level the inequality of time gap. 
Always focus on the good stuff that’s going on this world, ignore the negative news cycle. As the song goes, “The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.”
Always Be Learning,

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