GWJ RL #4: Building mental toughness, simplicity & academic tenure, thinking clearly by writing, and law & order

Hi Tribe,At times we are engulfed in a war against our own internal demons. We all have our own strat
May 12 - Issue #4

Grow With Jordan

Your weekly dose of actionable career advice, free chapters from New York Time's best selling books, interviews with TED speakers, and info on what's going on in the world without the kool-aid drinking Silicon-Valley-MBA speak. This list includes 3 stories per week that are worth your attention and maybe a video or podcast for fun. This list will help you challenge yourself to do better and think better.

Hi Tribe,

At times we are engulfed in a war against our own internal demons. We all have our own strategies to stop these demons from taking control over our lives. Jordan Peterson, not only known for his current gender pronoun battle in Canada, has done extensive work on the human mind and activities we can use to get a grip on ourselves. Regardless of your views on his pronoun battle, we all can learn from his years of experience on analyzing and improving the human mind. You can find his interview here.

Stoicism Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Mentally Strong (Reading Time: 10 Minutes)
Foreword to Ed Thorp’s Memoirs (A Man for All Markets) (Reading Time: 11 Minutes)
The Bitter History of Law and Order in America (Reading Time: 18 Minutes)
Church (Sanctuary, Part 1) - 99% Invisible
Joe Rogan Experience #877 - Jordan Peterson - YouTube
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