GWJ RL #3: Focus on the process, the decline of men, what's driving your desires?

Hi Tribe,While this week's reading list doesn't have a central them, I want to highlight the NY Times
May 5 - Issue #3

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Your weekly dose of actionable career advice, free chapters from New York Time's best selling books, interviews with TED speakers, and info on what's going on in the world without the kool-aid drinking Silicon-Valley-MBA speak. This list includes 3 stories per week that are worth your attention and maybe a video or podcast for fun. This list will help you challenge yourself to do better and think better.

Hi Tribe,

While this week’s reading list doesn’t have a central them, I want to highlight the NY Times story on the Decline of Men

We are seeing a great shift in the economy  that hits the poor and middle class no matter their skin color, creed, orientation, and gender. While previous economic revolutions have created a multitude of jobs that required minimal education and provided healthy on the job training. This next economic shift will create a new class of jobs that will require a skillset that most Americans are lacking or don’t have the necessary resources or will to obtain. So far many have been left behind and this will only get worse as the pace of automation intensifies.  Although I’m an optimist, I believe this problem will be the number one issue facing our society. If we don’t address those are being left behind it will have negative ramifications for our world.

- Jordan

Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. (Reading Time: 7 Minutes)
The Increasing Significance of the Decline of Men - The New York Times (Reading Time: 15 Minutes)
Mimetic Desire (Reading Time: 20 Minutes)
The Art of Tracking, with Boyd Varty (Listening Time: 120 minutes)
Elon Musk: The future we're building -- and boring (Watching Time: 41 Minutes)
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