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GWJ RL #14: Start your day off right, from soldier to yeomen pot farmer, and the art of GerryMandering.

GWJ RL #14: Start your day off right, from soldier to yeomen pot farmer, and the art of GerryMandering.
By Jordan Thibodeau • Issue #14 • View online
Hi Tribe,I hope you all had a great week. It’s hard to deny the impact marijuana growing is having on our economy. So far Santa Cruz county employees roughly 1,500 employees in the cannabis business, and they expect that number to surpass 7,000 in the near future.  The state of California thinks it can earn $1 billion dollars in revenue from this new gold mine and while states are clamoring for new revenue sources, the surge for marijuana legalization continues.That story always hit the front news, but what doesn’t are the stories on job opportunities this new industry is providing for unemployed veterans that struggled to reenter the job market  after deployment. It will be interesting to see if these smaller businesses can survive competition from large tobacco producers  once federal government fully legalizes the marijuana industry.
Always Be Learning,Jordan

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