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✍️Covering the Crypto Media Boom

How to Make it in Crypto Media
✍️Covering the Crypto Media Boom
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Hello friends,
Welcome to the first issue of my newsletter that will dive deep into crypto media. It will act as a sort of reporters’ notebook for the podcast I’m working on with producer Pet Berisha.
The podcast is called How to Make it in Crypto Media, and it’ll be a four-episode season that will talk to journalists, editors, publishers and business-side folks across a spectrum of publications covering crypto.
The idea for the podcast came about because I was seeing more new publications pop up in the crypto space, and hearing of new interest from entrepreneurs and investors outside the space. This of course coincided with the current bull cycle, as prices crept up last year and then surged in earlier this year.
The cyclical nature of crypto means it triggers investment in every bull cycle, and that includes capital and talent in the media layer. We have seen these waves of investment produce winners in the crypto media space: from CoinDesk in the first mainstream bitcoin boom to CoinMarketCap in the ICO surge of 2017—to the tune of a reported $400 million exit.
How were these crypto media ventures built? Why were they started? What were the strategic and tactical decisions behind their successes and failures? These are some of the questions I hope to get into with the podcast. If there’s a gold rush on, let’s look at how the picks and shovels are getting made.
The pod itself will be structured as a single season, comprising of four episodes. We’ll start from the current moment—a high point, where Bloomberg is hiring a managing editor for crypto news, and Axios writes splashy headlines about crypto media—and work backwards from there. The pod will also take a look at the wave of new players cropping up in this cycle. Finally, beyond media companies that cover crypto as a subject, we’ll examine firms that are using crypto or Web3 tools to create new types of businesses.
When the idea to do a podcast came up, I immediately sought out the most talented producer I knew: Pet Berisha. Pet and I had crossed paths when he was producing the award-winning 11 FS podcasts, where I was a regular guest. When I heard he was available, I jumped on the chance to work together.
Here’s where the podcast itself gets even more meta. We’re making a pod about crypto media (itself a piece of media), and we’re getting it funded by a DAO that’s dedicated to, among other things, funding media.
That’s why our proposal for this podcast is currently up for vote in on the Edgeware governance forum (you need to get a wallet like Polkadot-JS and connect to the Edgeware network to see it). If it’s successful, we’ll get $15,000 worth of EDG tokens to cover the costs of producing the podcast. Here’s a thread from Edgeware Agency, a media-centric project that just got funded by the Edgeware community, that describes the process.

Voting has commenced!
Voting has commenced!
The process of even getting this far with our podcast proposal within the Edgeware community has been fascinating. We’ve held two open discussions with the community, fielding questions of all sorts around the project; fiddled mightily with our Polkadot-JS wallets; and set up a multi-sig from which to obtain our funds.
Amidst the newness of the process are some of the same old issues that confront all media projects, however. For instance, one of the themes from the Edgeware communtiy was, how does the project benefit or promote Edgeware? This gets into the age-old issues of advertising, conflicts of interest, and media independent of its patrons—the only difference being our potential patron is a DAO and not a media mogul ensconced in a Midtown office tower.
As we go along, I’ll publish this newsletter as a sort of reporter’s notebook. I’ll include transcripts of interviews, observations, sketches of themes, and ideas for scripts as we put the podcast together. We might even host Twitter Spaces with guests. It’ll be part of the wider community we hope to engage with around the podcast. I hope you’ll join us.
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This is the newsletter companion to How To Make It In Crypto Media, a forthcoming podcast on the rise and rise of media companies covering crypto, and how they did it. It's made by Petrit Berisha (@PetBerisha) and Joon Ian Wong (@joonian).

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