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Building Meaningful Shopify Apps - Goodbye

Building Meaningful Shopify Apps
I have decided to sunset this BMSA to focus on my new endeavours.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed.
In the last few weeks, I have taken some time to think about what I was doing and more importantly what I WANT to do and as a consequence of that, I have decided to sunset this newsletter.
Here’s why 👇
Jonathan Gardn
It’s been a tough decision, like all big decisions, but I decided to leave the Shopify ecosystem and move in another direction.

Here's why 👇
Jonathan Gardn
I have been battling to get motivated to build and create useful content but in the end, last week, I had the courage to sit down and be honest with myself. I have watched a lot of inspiring talks, read compelling stuff, and had some time off the internet to get clarity.
Jonathan Gardn
This has been missing for a while in the Shopify ecosystem for me.

Sure, it’s a great ecosystem, there are a lot of pain points to tackle and build solutions for, but do I care about it?

Does that align with my values?

The answer is NO.
Jonathan Gardn
And this is nothing negative about Shopify or the people in the ecosystem, it’s just not for me anymore.

Every second I spent working on building stores or apps in the last year was always tainted by the idea of making money. Sure that’s business thinking, but it’s not passion.
Jonathan Gardn
I feel it’s time to get my priorities straight: being passionate about what I spend most of my time and energy doing it’s on top of my list.
Jonathan Gardn
I want to explore new ideas and build things that I am actually passionate about, like travel, self-development, alternative lifestyles, productivity, and mental health. And last but not least, enjoying coding!
Jonathan Gardn
Building something meaningful to me and to others who share my values is my next challenge.

Onwards and upwards!
What's next?
I don’t know yet, I am going to spend some time to find that out.
I want to thank you all for subscribing.
I wish you all the best, and to be brave enough to always follow your passions, because it’s the only real motivation technique you can count on.
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Jonathan Giardino
Jonathan Giardino @jonathan_gardn

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