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🍦 5 summer-flavored app ideas

Building Meaningful Shopify Apps
This month’s tips are pretty creative ones. Without further ado, let’s have at it!

1. Online Raffle Tickets with sequential ID 🎟
An app to run competitions on Shopify stores.
Selling single and multiple raffle tickets where each ticket is allocated a sequential number. Let’s say the merchant wants to sell 10,000 tickets, some customers may buy 1 ticket. Others a batch of 10.
Each ticket would generate a sequential number for the customer. Then merchants would export the customers’ orders for the allocated numbers to be extracted into a spreadsheet.
They would then be entered into the draw and a single ticket number will be selected randomly.
The merchant who expressed this on the forums has contacted the few raffle apps already but they couldn not help.
Who’s building this?
2. Subscription + Product Queues 🔃
A “product queue” for a monthly subscription service where users can add a product for each month’s slot in their queue, only allowing one product per month.
The system should create a new order each month with the selected product.
Orders should be automatically created on a specific day of the month.
Product selection can be changed, deleted, or shuffled between month’s slots.
The idea is to create a “product queue” table where all the selected product IDs are stored by queue month and user ID.
3. Bundle builder as "product" 📦
A solution to promote a product bundle consisting of several underlying products presented in a list, like in the shopping cart, and the possibility for the customers to choose products and quantities themselves.
The bundle should have some discount thresholds to incentivize them to add more products. Also, some products should be required to buy the bundle.
 All bundle apps this merchant looked at are fixed to a predetermined amount of products, without options for the customer to adjust quantities. Similar “build your own bundle” apps do exist, but then the product it’s presented as a “page” and not a product.
Here’s an example provided by the merchant:
4. Reserve Cart with stock tracking  📈
A reserved cart with a countdown. The problem this merchant is facing is that multiple customers could have the same product in their cart. Customers won’t be able to purchase the product if it goes out of stock while they’re browsing the store or finishing the checkout process.
Solution: sync stock in a database and constantly update the quantities to build a real-time reserved cart that considers products’ stocks.
5. Newsletter + Blog sync 📩
An app with the ability to write a simple old-fashioned monthly newsletter (HTML only, no rich text, no images, no boxy brand logos) and have it published simultaneously as:
  1. A blog post
  2. A newsletter
The main feature here is to find a way to write a blog post, then send that blog post as an email automatically within the blog post editor.
Wrapping up! 🌯
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