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YKC: Two years on...

Good enough is the new perfect

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May 15 · Issue #29 · View online
Sharing meaningful experiences, impactful ideas and career + event opportunities in the NY/TLV tech ecosystems

Good enough is the new perfect

YKC. It feels like yesterday when I started this passion project from my Gmail account with 50 emails. Two years out (consistently sending this newsletter out every two weeks) and here we are
Thank you to all of you who have been active readers and for all your helpful feedback. I would not have been able to get this point without you! 
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. ”
- Charles Darwin
The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab/Aiming High - A Biography of Masayoshi Son (孫正義正伝) by Atsuo Inoue: There are a lot of books out there predicting what the future will look like. While I have a penchant for those books, I see a clear distinction between those sitting in ivory towers making predictions and those with sweat on their face battling it out in the arena. What author Nassim Christoper Taleb refers to as having “skin in the game”. For all the predictions out there, we really can’t anticipate what’s around the curve - which is it’s called the future.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution authored by Klaus Schwab, the founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, reflects the thoughts of the new global elites. Those 1% thinkers who are in attendance at global events such as the Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival, Davos, Renaissance Weekend, (and now Burning Man); that given the trajectory at this point are probably going to be the winners of the new digital revolution. Though a bit harsh Taleb refers to as them as the IYIs, those whose decisions will not have a direct negative impact if they are wrong (I have to admit I fall prey to this kind of thinking at times). There is nothing particularly groundbreaking in Schwab’s analysis, yes, we are moving faster, yes, whole industries are metamorphosing, yes, software is eating the world. The book basically pits the techno-utopists versus the techno-dystopianists, the former believing that similar to the past new jobs will be created to meet new needs. The later believing that there is no historical precedent to what is happening before our eyes, and it’s just a matter of time before a robot takes your job. Or it could be somewhere in middle, and the future will look the Disney movie WALL-E.
The extremely long-term thinker/dealmaker Son is the exact opposite as the entrepreneur turned business leader who has created the reality around him by executing against his vision. Masayoshi Son, CEO of Japanese bank SoftBank has been of recent been of interest here in Western media with the creation of his 100 billion dollar VC fund; The Vision Fund. But with a 300-year vision for Japan and the globe, his vision is as far-reaching as Elon or Bezos’s AI/space odyssey fueled vision. The ultimate long game. The amount of money Softbank has interjected into Silicon Valley and the global tech ecosystem has just changed the game as we see that the impact of Masayoshi Son’s $100bn tech fund will be profound. Unlike his American counterparts, his deployment of so much capital in (most likely) 1,000s of tech companies is the catalyst for change. While his biography might lose some of its charm from its original Japanese, Son’s resilience, persistence, and chutzpah (not a trait always valued in the East) come thru from a young age. He’s been compared to Bill Gates in the breadth of his global impact and that might be the case: Bill Gates and Masayoshi Son are backing a plan to have video cameras watch every inch of Earth from space.   
A good overview in this article, This 2010 SoftBank Deck Explains Masayoshi Son’s Ruthless Ambition (in bringing on the Fourth Industrial Revolution) stated that “he says that artificial intelligence combined with data gathered by billions of sensors will bring on an “information revolution,” that will benefit people more than the 19th century Industrial Revolution”. Or, bluntly, as Son states “Those who rule chips will rule the entire world. Those who rule data will rule the entire world,”. “That’s what people of the future will say.” Aiming high is the title of the book. That’s an understatement.
Key Takeaways:
⚪️The future will probably fall somewhere in the middle: Boring. And doesn’t make for a good headline, but the robots are not coming to take all our jobs tomorrow, and AI is not going to be our overlord in some singularity type of event just yet. My personal prediction is that in five years we’ll really start to feel it with driverless cars, from there it’s anyone’s guest.
⚪️$$$= 20th-century facilitator/Tech = 21st-century facilitator: Yes, 100bn will make a dent, but before that money entered the picture many of the world’s most valuable companies quickly grew with the smallest amounts of capital needed in history. As the costs associated with building a startup continue to go down this trend will accelerate.
A case study of how to alter reality: From his youth as the son of Koreans living in Japan Son was one of the rare people who was able to alter his reality to line up with his vision. Culture and geography have no bearing on ambition. As George Bernard Shaw famously stated “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man”.
Ghost in the Shell | What a Son inspired future could look like 300 years on
ABNY: Communications & Events Manager; the Association for a Better New York is a non-profit organization dedicated to the constant growth and renewal of NYC’s people, businesses, and communities. ABNY seeks a smart, flexible, detail-oriented and enthusiastic person with strong people skills to assist the Executive Director and Deputy Director with managing the programming and communications of events and other ABNY activities, as well as day to day administration of a significant NYC non-profit organization. For more information click here; to apply please send your resume and cover letter, along with contact information, to
Marketing Manager for San Francisco based Property Tech Company: Seeking Marketing Manager for San Francisco based Property Tech Company. My friend Mickey Penzer’s client is an early-stage startup based in San Francisco using artificial intelligence to disrupt the $4T retail real estate industry. They are looking to bring on their first marketing hire who can take initiative and lead their marketing efforts for the company. If you’re interested in playing a critical role in their growth, they would love to hear from you! Please email resumes with subject “[Your Name] San Fran marketing manager YKC” to
Papaya Global: Papaya Global provides fast and flexible workforce solutions for companies and startups looking to grow their teams and expand globally; they’re looking for the following roles:
Content Marketing Manager (full time) who will be responsible for creating, improving and maintaining content to achieve their business goals through their website, blog, newsletters and more. 
Paid Media Expert - Freelance. An experienced paid media expert to plan, execute and measure all advertising campaigns for Papaya Global. Must have hands-on experience in B2B campaigns.
Community Manager (part-time and can be from abroad) who will build and grow Papaya’s community into a leading global hub through social media, forums & and more
English mother tongue - mandatory for all rules. Details click here.
The MFCEO Podcast Project: Some people would find it curious that I am a big fan of Andy Firsella’s work considering his podcast could hardly be called intellectual (I try) and definitely not geared towards listeners like me (though I do like his straight talk and no-fluff style). What I am is a big fan of realistic mindsets (and actionable steps) that work. The MFCEO Project (and thought leaders like Gary V) are so vitally important for two reasons:
1.) Outside my bubble of tech entrepreneurs, high status/high salary finance/law/real estate related professionals, and people looking to make a global impact, normal people live. There is life between the coasts. Andy’s message is geared towards spreading entrepreneurship to people who might not have grown up with it/seen significant wealth generated by entrepreneurship. For America to continue to compete on the global playing field we need more of that enterprising mindset. 
2.) He breaks down things into actionable steps and doesn’t sugar coat how difficult things can get. Again, not always a fan of the style in which he delivers his message, but he is effective (and speaks from personal experience). I’ve stated many times that I believe the way to build an audience is to show your authentic self, and he definitely does that.
Small steps every day: Life is a series of hundreds of small decisions we make every day which add up (ex., “should I eat that chocolate chip cookie?”) and it’s in part humbling/refreshing that if we look at things from that perspective then so much can be accomplished.
Reminds me of that Tony Robbins quote “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” It really is doing the small things day in, day out, to start today moving towards your goal.
Hoppin: They’re a job shadowing marketplace that enables people to try different jobs for a limited period of time. Whether that is a choreographer for a day or a designer for a week, you can experience jobs for fun, to learn, network or explore new career paths before committing. The platforms connects hosts, who are happy to be shadowed for a few with those interested in particular industries and experiences. People that sign up for the beta will be notified of opportunities bi-weekly, the ones currently live are: A day as a jewelry designer, A morning as a fashion influencer, A day as a knitwear designer.
Hoppin is an NYC-based venture, founded by second-time entrepreneurs Bilyana Freye and Luuk Derksen, who met on their last job and bonded over the idea that you can’t possibly know what job is right for you before experiencing it first.  The best contact details are or or any social media channel @hoppinHQ 
Day One: The #MeToo movement was the Time Person of the Year for 2017. But the movement isn’t about Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby, or even workplace harassment or sexual assault. My friend Rima Reddy sits on the Board of Directors for Day One, a nonprofit that has been leading the conversation around building healthy relationships among youth for over a decade and is currently training for her 3rd marathon. Please help her reach her goal of raising $5000 for Day One. A donation of even just $26, (one for each mile), goes A LONG way in driving culture change to protect our communities. Donate here.
Platterz: They are the first ever online platform to centralize and automate all of your catering needs. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, meetings or full-service events (table, chairs, bartenders, etc.) they have you covered. Platterz is free to use and they would love to offer you an additional 10% off for your first order. Just use the discount code “PLATTERZ10” at checkout.
How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact The Financial Industry: The financial industry is turning to AI to complete tasks that were previously performed by humans. Financial firms are harnessing AI to process huge volumes of data, detect fraud by flagging unusual transactions, interact with customers online, among many other important tasks. This program will bring together experts to discuss the current applications of AI in finance, & its future implications for the financial services landscape. Tuesday, May 15, 06:00 PM Japan Society, 333 E 47th St. Good event to dovetail what is covered in the Learning section… Tickets here.
The Role of Content in Innovation with Pavan Bahl (Mouthmedia): Content is a huge buzzword in the world of business. From video to articles to podcasts, everyone uses some form of platform. But how is content changing the way individuals and companies see innovation? Join Linerun as they discuss the Role of Content in Innovation with Pavan Bahl, CEO of Mouthmedia Network. Wed, May 16th 6:30 PM, meet at the bus stop in front of Whole Foods Market, 250 7th Ave. Tickets here.
Ariel Rivka Dance: If you can join to hear their original music and dance please come! If you don’t like dance, you’ll like this. If you like classical music, you’ll sing some of it in the shower the next day. My friend David Homan only does something of this scale once a year, so he really truly hopes you can make it. May 17, 18, 19th at 730pm (or 2 pm for their family Matinee), 219 W 19th St. Tickets start at $15:)
Reinventing the Trucking Industry: Developing New Technologies to Draw Millennials & Women to 250,000 Truck Driving Jobs: Experts all agree that, even though driverless trucks will replace some functionalities of human truck drivers in the near future, they will still need human drivers to monitor and maintain them well into the future. The job of the truck driver will become far more technical. Thursday, May 17th 6:00 pm, Infinito Gallery, 75 Leonard St. RSVP here.
Authors @GCT: Sally Kohn: Sally Kohn is a CNN political commentator, writer, activist, podcast host, and the author of the book The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity. At a moment when bitter partisan politics have divided Americans, The Opposite of Hate is a thought-provoking and ultimately hopeful look at one of the most pressing issues of our time. THU- 5/17, 6:00 @GCT, 4th floor, 335 Madison Ave. Tickets here.
NYC Bootstrappers Breakfast Mastermind: Come join entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast. At a Bootstrappers Breakfast®, they have serious conversations about growing a business. This group offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. The conversation will be facilitated by Mike Krupit, serial entrepreneur (8 companies) and business growth coach, and hope you can join them! Friday, May 18th, 8:30 AM, KettleSpace @Hotel Chantelle 92 Ludlow St. Ticket here.
FED Social: Join them this Friday night for a picnic with Beineinu in Brooklyn Bridge Park! There will be a musical Shabbat performance starting at 6:30 pm, with food (purchase it in advance, or bring your own - Beineinu provides challah and grape juice!) to follow. Friday, May 18th, Under the Bridge: Shabbat Picnic with Beineinu. RSVP here. 
Unity & Inclusion Summit: Join 500 Startups & Microsoft for the Unity + Inclusion Summit! 500 Startups is a venture capital firm on a mission to discover & back the world’s most talented entrepreneurs, help them create successful companies at scale, & build thriving global ecosystems. Saturday, May 19th at 09:30 AM. Galvanize, 303 Spring St. Tickets here.
Rooftop brunchwork w/Nir Eyal & Small Girls PR: You’re invited to a brunch with bestselling author Nir Eyal and Small Girls PR co-founder & Creative Director Bianca Caampued. Enjoy a fireside chat with Nir and Bianca, curated connections, a business challenge, and pitch off…over a seasonal, locally-sourced meal. WeLive Wall St., 110 Wall St. Sunday, May 20th from 11:30 AM. If you haven’t heard Nir speak, you need to check out this brunch, he is THE expert on how to build habit-forming products. Tickets here.
NYC Marketing Mixer Networking Happy Hour: My friend/collaborator Daren McKelvey is co-hosting this month’s NYC Marketing Mixer networking happy hour on Wednesday, May 23rd at Galvanize in West SoHo. They’ll be providing pizza and Arrow Promotional will be sponsoring the wine and beer. Early bird tickets, for marketers, are on sale now and will close on May 15th. For more details and to attend, RSVP for the mixer Wednesday, May 23rd 6:30 pm. Galvanize (303 Spring St, between Hudson and Greenwich). Tickets here.
TechHub: Investor Coffee Morning with Catalyst Investors: Join TechHub NYC for an informal chat over coffee where they will be welcoming Mia Hegazy from Catalyst Investors. Their Investor Coffee Mornings are a great opportunity to navigate the investment landscape, understand different funding options, build relationships and engage relevant investors to successfully raise capital. FILL IN THIS FORM and they will email you to confirm your slot if you meet the criteria (founder of a technology product startup). May 24th, 9:00 am, TechHub NYC, 158 W 27th St.
SOS Breakfast with an Investor: On May 24th their guest investor will be David Goldberg, General Partner, Corigin Ventures, a New York-based venture capital firm that focuses on seed-stage investments in the startups defining the future of daily living. David joined the firm in 2014, is a member of the Investment Committee, and is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations of the Ventures team. Thu, May 24th, 8:30 AM, KettleSpace TriBeCa @Distilled NY, 211 West Broadway. Register here.
Fin & Tonic: Algorithms for a sustainable future: Join my friends at TechHub, Consensys, and B-Hive, the global fintech ecosystem, for a panel discussion covering blockchain, women in technology and artificial intelligence. This will be followed by networking over gin and tonic. Thu, May 24th, 6:00 PM, TechHub NYC. 158 West 27th St. Tickets here. 
CannaGather: The largest cannabis industry community in New York. Join them for a lecture style event with amazing speakers plus a great networking community. Join them for Dinner, Drinks, Networking, Education, and more. Brought to you by CannaGather & Kush Bottles. May 29, 2018 – 7:00 PM, Galvanize 303 Spring St. Tickets here. 
JFE NY FutureTech Startup Showcase + Investor Panel: JFE, in partnership with Jemm Ventures, is hosting a startup showcase of the most innovative startups in their New York network and a VC panel that will discuss the most recent investment trends in industries of the future in Silicon Alley right now. To apply to participate in the startup showcase, startup applicants need to fill in this form: Google Form. Bond Collective, 1251 Avenue of the Americas, June 6th, 6:30 pm. I’ve seen Michal and Jenny grow this organization over the years to where it is now, definitely consider checking this event out. Tickets here. 

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