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June 21 · Issue #137 · View online

Sharing meaningful experiences, impactful ideas and career + event opportunities in the NY/TLV tech ecosystems

 “Difficulty is what wakes up the genius” 

Curated by YKC
Curated by YKC
Welcome back YKC community … to the start of the summer. Wishing a meaningful Father’s Day and Juneteenth to those who observed the holidays.
My friend Dorie Clark’s talk “The Real Reason You Feel So Busy, And What to Do About It” (based on her newest book, The Long Game) was recently featured on the main homepage, and has already garnered over 425,000 views. In it, she explores the hidden reasons we all feel stuck on the hamster wheel - and why it’s so hard to break free, even when we try to. If you or someone you know feels too busy, this 8 minute talk is for them! You can check it out here.
As we enter the summer, I’m offering digital marketing services through YKC Media, my B2B content marketing agency. I’ve recently launched a service for LinkedIn ghostwriting, so if you’re a founder, investor, or executive who wants to build thought leadership on the most important platform in business ping me directly.
Some inspiration
Some inspiration
“My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength”
–Michael Jordan
What I'm reading
What I'm reading
How to Consciously Design Your Ideal Future by Dr. Benjamin Hardy: I believe the heyday, and really when I got deep into self-development books (and coincidently started my meditation, journaling, and mental health walk practice) was in 2016. This book (published then), along with the 99U series for productive creatives are the best books to get started with if you are a remote worker and seeking to be more effective and happier while doing cognitive demanding work.
There is something to be noted when comparing yourself with how you are at this moment, versus what you want to be (in the future). We often have these intangible ideas of whatever goals we are looking to accomplish, but thinking about how our future self will benefit from our current behavior, is a powerful catalyst to make changes in the present. As an example, writing is difficult. I love it and it may come easier to me than others, but that does not make it easy (and any writer will tell you that). On days when I don’t have the motivation to get started, I just imagine how good I will feel once I complete that writing session… and that pulls me through to the end. And that’s exactly what happens, once I complete the task, I feel so much better, and it motivates me to start on the next task. I can’t say I agree with everything the author covers in his collection of essays, as he’s a bit extreme into productivity, but I’d suggest taking 80% of the content and running with it.
This short book is full of simple ideas on productivity, happiness, habit formation and the such, as it’s a collection of the author’s Medium articles. Easy summer reading, with action steps to take. With things slowing down for the summer months, it’s a good time to learn best practices in being productive from this book now.
Key Takeaways:
⚪️ Morning routine: Despite a backlash I’ve seen against this idea, for some people it’s necessary to have a productive morning routine.
⚪️ Meditation: In this author’s case prayer, but everyone writes about it because the results can be profound.
⚪️ Tracking your time: Take time to think about how you’re spending your free time.
5 Ways to Become Your Desired FUTURE SELF | Dr. Benjamin Hardy
Life; squeeze that lemon
Life; squeeze that lemon
⚪️ Atento Capital: inTulsa connects great companies to great people with the mission to grow Tulsa’s community. Leverage the Tulsa community of companies and leaders to further build your career in Tulsa. Their Talent Network works to get you connected with Tulsa companies, and provides you direct support from our inTulsa Talent team. Openings here.
⚪️ Nevo Network: Finding a job and Building a network. For a country built on networks, these are HUGE challenges for Olim/immigrants trying to break into OR grow in Israeli tech. Nevo Network is working to combat these challenges by: 1. Building community for Olim. 2. Connecting Olim to Israelis. 3. Mentoring new Olim who are just arriving. This extends to the 72,533 people who just arrived in Israel from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Nevo Network is working with The Reboot Startup Nation Community to think strategically about how to absorb and place this new wave of talent. Here’s a way for you, a local professional, to welcome the newcomer. Sign up to have an intro call (or a lowkey coffee) with someone new to Israel here.
⚪️ Techstars NYC Accelerator: One of the top accelerator programs in the world; $120,000 funding for 6% equity, 3 months hybrid program; Nov 07- Feb. 16. Mentorship, demo day; 60+ alumni including ClassPass, Plated, Timehop, Jukely; apply by Aug 01 here.
⚪️ Applications for Energy Pioneers of Tomorrow ‘22 are now open: EPOT22 is a unique, intensive workshop that will give you the necessary tools to build your own Energy Tech Start-up. This 4 session workshop, led by energy experts, will go over energy markets, funding, challenges, and help you come up with a solution regardless of your previous experience of the energy tech ecosystem. The first session starts on June 28th. Apply here.
⚪️ IMPACT SHENKAR Accelerator: Powered by 8200 Impact in collaboration with The Rozen Center for Sustainability and Act Shenkar, is based on the values of sustainability and in particular the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to promote projects that will lead the circular economy. The program will include 8-10 projects with groundbreaking ideas in the field of impact-tech and will provide participants with tools for business analysis and initiation of innovative solutions in the social-environmental fields, from the concept stage to the MVP. Register here.
⚪️ CSS: They are happy to announce the launch of the next NYC cohort for their ROAM Program (Respond, Organize, Act, Maintain) and invite you to learn more and apply! ROAM is a volunteer security training program from their partner, the Community Security Service (CSS), which seeks to empower participants to thrive as a protector of their local Jewish community. Throughout this course, you will learn security theory, the fundamentals of Krav Maga self-defense, and how to respond to various scenarios you may face in the real world. They are looking for Jewish young professionals of all denominations, who are passionate about their community and want to help make a difference. No previous martial arts or security training is required. Apply here.
⚪️ Azrieli Innovation Sprint 2022: Happy to share an exciting new partnership between Azrieli Group and TAU Ventures. They’re launching the Azrieli Innovation Sprint 2022! Alongside its VC activity, TAU Ventures is proud to partner with leading companies on innovation programs locally and globally, to incubate and accelerate promising Israeli technologies. Selected startups will join a sprint day resulting in a paid POC contract within 24 hours (!) with Azrieli Group. Learn more about the open calls and apply today here.
⚪️ FUNDING OPPORTUNITYBIRD Energy is launching a new funding cycle for U.S.-Israel joint innovations that advance renewable energy, energy efficiency and other decarbonizing technologies. Up to $1 million in non-dilutive grants are available for U.S.-Israel collaborations developing marketable and scalable clean energy solutions in various areas. Deadline for Executive Summaries: June 30, 2022 here.
⚪️ The BuildersPartnership Director. Looking for the next Bridge Builder to join their team and work with the biggest corporates and most amazing startups in the Israeli tech. Feel free to reach out for more details or tag friends you think could be relevant! Apply here.
⚪️ Atera: They are hiring! Check out all of their openings in R&D, Finance, HR, Design and more! Join their growing team. Click here.
⚪️ Code For Israel: They are looking for a full-time technological Head of Projects, to lead and escort their managers that develop groundbreaking solutions for the most crucial challenges in the Israeli society. This is a rare opportunity for people who are looking for a different type of tech position - one that harnesses their abilities to affect the Israeli society, while cracking down on challenges that affect the people around them on a daily basis. + You will get to work with hundreds of the most talented and caring people in the ecosystem :) Apply here.
⚪️ Google for Startups Israel: Program Coordinator. Their team is recruiting for the dream position Program Coordinator - Google For Startup Israel. If you know someone who really likes to work with startups, they’d be happy for you to share. Link to the job description here.
⚪️ Lior Shoham LTDVP Of Business Development and Operations. The Lior Shoham Ltd. team creates a meaningful impact on some of the world’s leading companies. For the past 12 years, they have been facilitating workshops, consulting, and coaching people on how to enhance their storytelling, influence, confidence, and trust-building capabilities. They operate in more than 20 countries worldwide and are proud to work with companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, TikTok, Volkswagen, TED, and many other global leaders. Apply here.
⚪️ SOSAJoin them in their journey to build the world’s leading open innovation company- check out 12 open positions in TLV and NYC (crazy ride guaranteed :) Apply here.
Upcoming events + opportunities
Upcoming events + opportunities
⚪️ East Coast Bootstrappers Breakfast: Come join entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast. At a Bootstrappers Breakfast® they have serious conversations about growing a business based on internal cashflow and organic profit. This group offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Tuesday, June 21, 8:30 AM EDT. Register here.
⚪️ How To Build A Marketing Machine On A Budget: John Wanamaker, an early 20th century department-store magnate, famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Today marketers might change that to read: “Half of what I know about marketing is wrong, I just don’t know which half.” Well, award winning marketing professional, and long-time TechDay advisory board member, founder of Growth Hacks Weekly and the marketing brains behind $40m+ in revenue driven for start-ups and Fortune 500s alike is here to solve both of those problems, Marketing Max Bidna is here to solve both of these problems. Jun 21, 01:00 PM in Eastern Time. Register here.
⚪️ PropTech360 June Meet & Greet: They’re excited to announce PropTech360’s latest event, their June Meet & Greet, co-hosted by HLC Equity and Greenberg Traurig in Tel Aviv. Join them for an evening of cocktails, networking, discussion, and fun!! Sun, June 26, 5:30 PM IDT. Azrieli Center, Derech Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv-Yafo. Register here.
⚪️ Cyber Week 2022 is BackJoin them for 4 Days & 40 Events at Tel Aviv University. Don’t miss the chance to network face-to-face and experience an exciting range of events and sessions discussing the latest in Cyber with the leaders in the field. Join top CEOs, CISOs, C-level executives, policy makers, academics and investors from all over the world for a week of high-level networking, expert thought-leadership and trail blazing technologies. June 27th – 30th, Tel Aviv University. Register here.
⚪️ ExecLeaders Invite - Leading Through Uncertainty: Don’t forget to register for AWS ExecLeaders Show to hear thought leaders from business, technology, government, and society on what it takes to lead through uncertain times. Gain valuable insights from their guests, who will share how they continue to innovate, and grow their businesses. Tuesday, June 28, 9:30 AM PT | 12:30 PM ET. Register here.
⚪️ Investor & Entrepreneur Networking Event: They are holding a networking event for entrepreneurs, private investors and corporate finance professionals. Startup companies pitch for funding and this is followed by networking over drinks. The pitches typically cover a wide range of industries including fashion, fintech and VR. Their events are attended by representatives of the leading venture capital firms like Insight Partners, leading angel syndicates and investment banks like JP Morgan and UBS. Tue, June 28, 6:00 PM EDT Cubico Rooftop. 433 Broadway, Soho, New York. Register here.
⚪️ Meir Yaniv is Rocking The Solar Energy Industry: Tired of all those entrepreneurs being called “rock stars”, even though when you meet them in person it turns out they can’t actually sing in tune? How embarrassing, right? Well, this time you won’t get disappointed. Not only is Meir Yaniv a serial entrepreneur, but he also was the lead vocal in his own band. He convinced Rihanna’s producer at Universal to sign them on a record deal, produced three albums, and went on two tours all across the U.S. as Nickleback’s warm-up act. Microsoft Reactor, 50th floor, Midtown (EY building), 144a Menachem Begin St,, Tel Aviv-Yafo. Wednesday, June 29th, 6pm IDT. Register here.
⚪️ Nevo Network: Three insights shared while interviewing the next cohort of Nevo Network fellows. Finding a new job is always hard. Period. But it is much harder for new immigrants who lack the language and network. Come learn how to leverage your unique advantage and skills to land the job you want from a group of Olim who “made it” and managed to build their way to the Israeli tech ecosystem.  Sunday, July 3 , 76 Rothschild, Tel Aviv. Register here.
⚪️ VCs & Deep-Tech: Are you a VC interested in Israeli Deep-Tech? Well then they have an event for you! The Israel Venture Capital Forum invites Israeli focused startup investors and VCs to an exclusive networking event and discussion on Deep-Tech with speakers from Deep InsightGrove Ventures and Gornitzky & Co. If you are an investor, then this will be a great opportunity to meet other members of the Israeli VC community and hear from fellow VCs about the future of tech investing that is Deep-Tech. This is an investor only event with limited space, so PM Ilan or Yakir Elazari if you would like the sign up link. July 12th 17:00 at the Law Office of Gornitzky, 20 Haharash St. TLV Israel.
⚪️ TLV Sunset Series w Michael Eisenberg, Jacob Helberg & Miami Mayor Suarez: Topic: Digital Big Bang: Technology, Politics & War. Discussing the high-stakes global struggle for power and the cyberwar brewing between Western democracies and the authoritarian regimes of China and Russia that could potentially crush democracy. With: Michael Eisenberg (Aleph VC), Jacob Helberg (Author, Wires of War) & Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. Esperanto Bar at Carlton Beach, 10 Eliezer Peri St, Tel Aviv. Monday, July 18th 7pm IDT. Register here.
⚪️ Innovate@scale: At the event, IBM who is joining forces with Wix and GigaSpaces, will release a joint Digital Acceleration Hub (DAH), designed to accelerate the adoption of new digital services by both enterprises and SaaS start-ups. Held as a hybrid in-person and online event, the conference will offer two parallel tracks for enterprise customers and for start-ups. As a friend of the RIIC, they are happy to share with you a discount code.To register for the event, go to the event page and click on the link to register and enter code PARTNERS85. July 20, 9AM. Bello Center, Bryant University, Rhode Island. Register here.
⚪️ Exclusive Algemeiner Event: David Friedman and Dovid Efune, in Conversation: They are pleased to cordially invite you to join them for a special evening featuring former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman in conversation with the Algemeiner’s Dovid Efune. The talk will draw from Friedman’s new book SLEDGEHAMMER: How Breaking with the Past Brought Peace to the Middle East, in which he tells details of his time in office, at the center of U.S.-Israel relations. Copies of SLEDGEHAMMER will be available for purchase following the talk. The event will take place on Thursday, July 21st at 7:00 PM at The Center for Jewish History in New York City. Tickets here.
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