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YKC: Rooftop bday happy hour - Thurs @The Lookup

“Life, lived well, is long enough." 🎈

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June 25 · Issue #58 · View online
Sharing meaningful experiences, impactful ideas and career + event opportunities in the NY/TLV tech ecosystems

“Life, lived well, is long enough.“ 🎈

Curated by YKC
Curated by YKC
Welcome back {{first_name}} … to YKC and the summer. Make sure to check out my latest article about the role Israeli tech played in the Cyber NYC initiative: Who’s going to help New York become a cyber capital? Israel, of course for ISRAEL21c.
I’ll be hosting my annual rooftop birthday happy hour this Thursday, June 27th at the Lookup Rooftop (45 W 35th St.) at 6:30 pm. Feel free to bring friends, just please RSVP in the link so I can get a sense of how many people to expect. Weather is looking good so make sure to RSVP by clicking here.
Some inspiration
Some inspiration
“Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.“
-Franz Kafka
What I'm reading
What I'm reading
Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope by Mark Manson: Another trip around the sun… and it’s only fitting I take stock and review a modern philosophy book whose basis is, as the author calls it the “Uncomfortable Truth”. The very unpleasant concept that our time on this planet is extremely limited, and that we ascribe so much importance to trivial matters during our very brief existence in order to not face that reality. Now before we go down a nihilist downward spiral of why even bother to get out of bed in the morning, the understanding of where we really stand in the scope of the universe can be truly liberating.
Why is this book important? Philosophy for everyone has made a comeback, in many different forms and platforms; Jordan Peterson’s life advice on YouTube, Andy Frisella’s non-startup entrepreneurship advice podcast, this author’s popular blog, and this book. I was personally a bit disappointed by Manson’s first book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck compared to his blog, but it did present basic helpful Buddhist and Stoic ideas and obviously resonated with a lot of people as it became an outlier best-selling book. Books like this are important because people are desperately seeking meaning, and as technology continues to break down societal boundaries people will seek new mental operating systems to lean on.
For those not familiar with psychologist/economist Daniel Kahneman Nobel Prize winning work on decision making (the author’s idea of the Feeling vs. Thinking Brain), as well as the German philosophical giants Emmanuel Kant and Friedrich Nietzsche this is a good book to learn about them. This was just the book I needed to read at this point in my life, and I’d recommend this book not just for anyone at a critical junction in your life, but as another tool in your mental toolbox to cope effectively with reality.
Key Takeaways:
⚪️ Choose your poison (pain): You’re going to suffer either way, so you might as well embrace it (you’ll actually suffer less) and pick what kind of suffering you want to endure. These days when I tell people what I do professionally I get asked fairly often “if I am happy” (the wrong question to ask someone who reads philosophy books for fun if you want a short response) but I usually answer them with some variation of this concept.
⚪️ Feeling first - then logic: This book helped me to look at people and not judge them from a logical perspective since their (and my) hardwired decision making process hasn’t really developed since we were on the savanna trying not get eaten by a big cat. Next time something doesn’t make sense about someone’s behavior it’s probably the Feeling Brain driving it.
⚪️ Homo Deus Deus? In an echo to Yuval Noah Harari the author ends with a chapter on AI. Not sure how I feel about that. Who really knows what’s going to happen in the near future, but I agree that AI could develop very quickly into something that will be outside our intellectual grasp.
‘Everything Is F*cked’ Author Mark Manson On How Social Media Causes Suffering
Life; squeeze that lemon
Life; squeeze that lemon
⚪️ Cyber NYC (NYEDC): Director of Applied Learning Initiative - Cyber NYC. They are looking for someone who shares a unique vision for the future of education and work and who is passionate about creating inclusive tech talent pathways. Someone who is a big picture visionary but can delve into details, launch programs from scratch, coordinate dozens of moving parts, knows how to get things done and makes the whole greater than its parts! Apply here.
⚪️ Dreamit Securetech: Their team is currently interviewing startups for their Fall 2019 program, so if you know any fantastic cybersecurity or physical startups that have a market-ready product have them apply below. The 14-week accelerator is a great opportunity for B2B and enterprise-focused security startups to pitch, pilot, and partner with some of the largest corporates in the country (as well as a number of federal agencies). Apply here.
⚪️ NFX (SF): An amazing opportunity in SF to join this world-class VC. They’re growing & have a few open roles: Investment, Product Product Manager | Product Engineer, Marketing Content Lead | Distribution/Media Lead. For more info or to apply email
⚪️ Obligo Head of MarketingObligo is a fast-growing Israeli fintech startup with offices in NYC and TLV, and they are hiring for their first full-time marketing position. The role involves high level management and vision for the entire B2B marketing effort, but it also requires excellent hands-on execution in a few key areas, namely writing and content development. Opportunity for leadership position as the company grows. Email your CV to
⚪️Starta Accelerator: Customized program for European founders aiming to adapt to cultural and business environment in the US, complete and define product/market fit, get traction and become part of local startup and investing ecosystem in the US. $130K ($110 in program services + $20K in cash). Co’s with MVP, traction in their home country, global product potential and ability to be in NYC. Deadline July 15. Apply here.
⚪️ OurCrowd Marketing Ops and Project Associate (Jerusalem): The Marketing Ops & Projects Associate is responsible for managing, executing and supporting operational and creative tasks within the Marketing team. This includes working on communications, content, and operational systems. Working together with marketing peers as well as interdepartmental team members, s/he will plan and execute communication, content and logistical tasks. Apply here.
Solving real problems
Solving real problems
The Lightup Lab: The Lightup Lab delivers theme-based live educational experiences that promote self-awareness and well-being. Their mission is to empower people and organizations to flourish through science-based behavioral solutions. Designed at the intersection of positive psychology, coaching and mindfulness, their workshops include evidence-based experiential exercises designed to drive productivity, collaboration, motivation, confidence and engagement.
I met The Lightup Lab’s founder Elina recently and was impressed with her vision of combining many psychological and mindfulness best practices in order to help people achieve a sense of well-being. To learn more contact her directly at
Upcoming events + opportunities
Upcoming events + opportunities
⚪️ 365x Innovation Ecosystem - Invitation: Sarona Partners is honored to invite you to the 19’ Spring Batch 365x Israel Showcase Event! During this event, you will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with: 14 top-notch startup companies already serving dozens to hundreds of customers globally, handpicked for the program from over 250 applications, all of them offer technologically advanced enterprise solutions as well as 365x Team members, media and influencers focused on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It will take place on June 25th at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Israel. Seats are limited. RSVP here. 
⚪️ Breakfast with an Investor: Sim Blaustein, Partner, BDMI (Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments): Sim is actively focused on new investments in online video and next-generation content-driven companies. Sim joined BDMI in 2012 from High Line Venture Partners, where he co-founded the seed fund, and has been in venture capital since 2002, including 3 years at Gabriel Ventures, where he managed 17 investments including 3 IPOs and 3 M&As. Thu, June 27, 9:00 AM, Kettlespace @BaarBaar, 13 East 1st St. Register here.
⚪️ Center for Latter-day Saint Arts Festival 2019: The Center for Latter-day Saint Arts awarded grants to forty artists from around the world, including from the United States, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. Their works will be featured at the Center’s third annual festival in NYC. My friend Marcia Nelson is involved with this event so make sure to check out the talented artists performing. Tickets here.
⚪️ Investor Talk - Navigating The Winding Road Of VC Funding: Join MENA Tech_NY for their first Investor Talk event featuring a conversation with Omar Darwazah, Partner at Arab Angel Fund. As a seasoned finance professional with over 13 years of international experience in corporate finance, investor relations, strategy, business development, private equity & venture capital Omar has had extensive experience across the finance world before he started Arab Angel Fund alongside his partner Kyle Hendrick. Wednesday, July 10 at 06:00. WeWork Labs, 81 Prospect, 2nd Fl. Tickets here.
⚪️ Amazon AWS - Getting Angel Investors Excited About Your Startup: Hear first-hand from angel investors as they share the secrets to scoring angel funds and using it to get your idea off the ground. They’ll discuss how to get on their radar, the investments they’ve made, the ones they’ve passed on, and what they look for in future investments. AWS Loft, 350 West Broadway, July 18, 7:00PM. Register here.
⚪️ US - ISRAEL Technology event - July 24: With over 500 Israeli Startups presenting in their global events, their conferences are a place to interact with major decision makers around the world and penetrate those markets. Join them at the 38th ‘US – ISRAEL Technology event’. Short pitches, demos and plenty of opportunities, this session should give you an insight into what’s hot in Israeli innovation. Reed Smith 599 Lexington Avenue, 22nd Floor. Wednesday, 24 July 2019 from 10:30. Register here.
⚪  Nexus Global Summit: They are excitedly curating an incredible and inspiring line-up of speakers and crafting new collaborative opportunities with the UN for their 2019 NEXUS Global Summit July 25-27 in NYC! Applications are rolling in from almost 40 countries and they can’t wait for you to meet the 600+ amazing young innovators, impact investors and philanthropists who will gather to learn about one another’s passions and help accelerate each other’s social impact projects and dreams! If you apply by July 1st and are accepted you will save $300 off the Registration Rate, which increases substantially in July! Apply here.

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