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Fasting = Suffer well

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Fasting = Suffer well

Curated by YKC
Curated by YKC
Welcome back to YKC. Happy Jewish New Year to those celebrating, and wishing an easy physical fast to those fasting. Fasting is cool now, just imagine you’re doing interment fasting, but for a few hours longer ;) Fasting as a religious practice is probably as old as time itself, and the suffering associated with calorie deprivation helped people tap into new mental states. Suffering seems to have a way of clarifying and sharpening things.
I also want to wish you all a sweet (and bit sour) Jewish New Year. We encounter suffering in so many moments of our lives, so a steady flow of positive emotions is not realistic. In my humble opinion sweetness can be found in overcoming challenges, and in the lessons learned from the struggle. We’re all going to face challenges, so we might as well embrace the struggle instead of running away/distracting ourselves/etc.
Some inspiration
Some inspiration
“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”
-Michael Jordan
What I'm reading
What I'm reading
21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari: How timely, with Erev Yom Kippur and the day to not just reflect and enter our inner world, but to take stock of our global outer world as well. Where to begin… first off you know YNH is making a dent in the universe with his ideas when Bill Gates writes the book review in the NY Times: What Are the Biggest Problems Facing Us in the 21st Century? I will note this, I felt while reading this that it was like YNH’s coming out book; he wrote openly about his sexuality and his Israeli nationality and it did make the book seem more open. You got feeling you could be sitting on a bench with him in Tel Aviv, sipping a cappuccino and chatting about the future of humanity :)
There is so much to unpack here, so to be economic with space (and time) I’ll highlight some of the chapters I particularly connected with. It goes without saying, you need to read this book to understand how Homo Sapiens are going to deal with the immediate global threats of nuclear war/ecological disaster/constant technological disruption. Also, a good article to read alongside this is my friend Eyal Balicer of Glilot Capital’s piece AI Bias Could Kill Liberalism, But Might Keep Capitalism Alive, it’s very much in line with YNH’s concept of AI being used to create digital dictatorships.
Key Takeaways:
⚪️ Community: We’re more like each other these days (then not) because of this global millennial tech culture. Open a location based app in any metropolis and you’ll starling similarities in appearance and attitude. YNH challenges Zuck to indeed make good on this promise to use the power of Facebook’s algorithm’s to “create communities” as highlighted in the Facebook Manifesto.
 Civilization: YNH puts to rest the “Clash of Civilizations” argument; that even religious interpretations as extreme as ISIS and the ayatollah’s Iran are co-opting the global (Western) paradigm to suit their interests. If this is the case then it is a matter of time before these interpretations collapse on themselves in the arc of history. If history has taught us anything, it not be without a significant amount of bloodshed and suffering.
 Nationalism: Though you don’t feel here in the US (especially if you watch the news) the Trump presidency is a part of the global trend of nationalism (ex., Brexit). Citizens of populations who might be made irrelevant due to AI exercising their political power (all they may have left). Though not conscious many of these voters sense something is happening, and they’re not part of the conversation on the future. In the short term with Gen Z being the most multicultural (and gender fluid) a lot of what we’re fighting about these days may become irrelevant, and the new discrimination will be digital literacy.
Will the Future Be Human?
Life; squeeze that lemon
Life; squeeze that lemon
SigmaLabs: WAVE 9 APPLICATION IS NOW OPEN! They are looking for early-stage startups, across all verticals, who are looking to accelerate their venture, learn from top-notch entrepreneurs and build strong businesses. SigmaLabs partners and founders; Entree Capital, Super-Pharm, Leumi-Card, GKH, and AWS are all looking to help you grow and accelerate your venture, using their deep mentoring technique. For more information visit their website or contact them at Apply for wave 9 HERE.
WeWork Labs: They’re hiring two key roles for WeWork Labs’ newly launched Corporate Innovation Services in NYC. Please share with any stellar, incredible candidates:
Solving real problems
Solving real problems
WeAct: Women, Entrepreneurs, Act is a community and a social venture focused on leveling the innovation playing field for female founders. I love what this organization is doing so make sure to join the WeAct community on Facebook - it’s for both men and women who want to see the innovation world equally accessible to all, share opportunities for female founders around the world and be part of the change. 
Their efforts are now focused on diversifying the investment industry as they believe change has to start at the top. You can check out their latest op-ed in Forbes here. For more information you can contact their founder Darya on LinkedIn here.
Upcoming events + opportunities
Upcoming events + opportunities
High Holidays at FED House: Come to FED House for egalitarian, out-of-the-box, and spiritual High Holiday services and delicious meals! They are offering services and meals for Yom Kippur. Join them! SEP 9TH, 6:00PM – SEP 19TH, 10:00PM. Tickets here.
Breakfast with an Investor: Justin Smithline, Operating Partner, ER Accelerator: With Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerator’s early deadline for their Winter 2019 Cohorts early coming up on October 8, they’re hosting ERA Operating Partner Justin Smithline, who will answer your questions about the program. Since they keep the group small, all attendees will have a chance to have their questions answered, and they’ll leave time for networking and one-on-ones with their guest. Thu, September 20, 8:30 AM, KettleSpace @ Distilled NY, 211 West Broadway. Tickets here.
Social Good Summit: The intersection of technology and new media has redefined our understanding of human progress. In the midst of this rapidly changing world, the Social Good Summit focuses on where we’re headed. Held annually during the United Nations General Assembly week, the Summit unites a lively community of global citizens and progressive thought leaders around a common theme. 10 AM, 92 St Y, 1395 Lexington Ave. $20 with code SGSGIRLEFFECT20. Info here. 
AWS EdStart Pitch Days: Join AWS to learn about the most innovative and revolutionary new EdTechs at the upcoming AWS EdStart Pitch Days! On September 27th, they will showcase 8 up and coming EdTech startups from the AWS EdTech Accelerator, AWS EdStart. These high-energy events will be a great opportunity for you to discover groundbreaking new ideas/products, identify areas for industry collaboration, and network with the newest EdTech companies. Thursday, September 27, 6:00pm AWS Loft 350 West Broadway. Register here.
Urban X Demo Day 4: Demo Day 04 features morning presentations from their Cohort 04 startups who will pitch their solutions and next steps and an evening celebration in honor of their hard work and the contributions of their‘Experts-in-Residence’ and mentors. Join them and be inspired by what’s next for more efficient, enjoyable and livable cities. Sept 27th. 29 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn. Register here.
XRC Labs Cohort 6 Demo Day: For 14 weeks, XRC’s Cohort 6 companies have attended workshops, classes, 1-on-1 consultations, meetings with mentors & have received introductions to retailers & brands. You are invited to see the impressive progress their Cohort 6 companies have made in this short time, as they disrupt the retail & consumer goods sectors. Thursday, September 27 at 08:30 AM. Kaplan Hall, 66 West 12th St. Register here.
WVI Success To Significance Veterans Dinner: Participate in an important discussion with Colonel Jack Jacobs, moderated by Rear Admiral John Mustin, USN, as he discusses his passion for character education, the re-establishment of communities of service and the future of America. Thursday, September 27th, 6:00 pm. 3 West Club 3 West 51st St. To reserve tickets by Thursday, September 20th click here.
NYC Bootstrappers Breakfast with Emmanuel Straschnov of Bubble: At a Bootstrappers Breakfast® they have serious conversations about growing a business. This group offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Your facilitators are Mike Krupit, serial entrepreneur and business growth coach and Bonnie Halper, tech commentator and industry expert, editor of StartupOneStop. Friday, September 28, 8:30 AM KettleSpace TriBeCa @ Distilled NY, 211 West Broadway. Register here. 
New York - iAngels & iCapital Innovation Party: iAngels Founding Partner, Mor Assia will lead discussions with some of Israel’s top innovators who are creating disruptive technologies in the space of autonomous vehicles, real-estate tech, enterprise software and blockchain. Join them for thought provoking discussion, great food and cocktails! Tuesday, October 2nd, 6:30pm, 304 Bleecker St. For more details and to RSVP, please click here.
Mondo.NYC 2018 MUSIC FESTIVAL & GLOBAL MUSIC/TECH BUSINESS CONFERENCE: Mondo.NYC is the first music festival and global business conference focusing on the intersection of emerging music discovery and blockchain, cryptocurrency and how these emerging technologies and economies will significantly impact the business of music. Emerging artists, innovators and industry insiders will connect and collaborate with fans in a mission to advance human creativity in an ever-changing world. Tue, Oct 2, 3:00 PM – Fri, Oct 5. The Williamsburg Hotel 96 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn. 30% ADVANCE BADGE DISCOUNTS END 9/25! Ticket here.
IAC DOR CHADASH AFTER SUKKOT COCKTAIL PARTY: Join IAC Dor Chadash for an exclusive post-Sukkot Soiree. Open bar, hors-d'oeuvres, live jazz music. Whether you are a recent arrival to the NYC scene or have lived here for many years - if you are looking to expand your professional network, to grow professionally and personally and to make friends while doing so, they invite you to join IAC Dor Chadash and make it the place for you! Wednesday, October 3, 7:00 PM. Interface NYC 140 West 30th St. Tickets here.
Startup Grind: Max Levchin FIRESIDE CHAT: Startup Grind is hosting Max Levchin. He is the founder and CEO of Affirm, co-founder and Chairman of Glow, and co-founder and general partner at SciFi VC. All three companies were created and launched from his San Francisco based innovation lab, HVF (Hard, Valuable, Fun). Max was an original co-founder of PayPal where he served as the CTO until acquisition. NY OCTOBER 4th, 6:30 PM. Tickets here.
AUTHORS @ COMPANY: KAI-FU LEE: Kai-Fu Lee is the Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, a $1.7 billion venture capital firm investing in Chinese technology companies. He has been in AI research, development, and investment for more than 30 years and will be talking about his new book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order. Ticket includes a copy of his book and breakfast. Company HQ, 335 Madison Ave. October 5, 8:30am. Tickets here.

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