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Sharing meaningful experiences, impactful ideas and career + event opportunities in the NY/TLV tech ecosystems

“Freedom lies in being bold”

Curated by YKC
Curated by YKC
Welcome back YKC community … I would say ‘happy’ 4th, but ‘normal’ would probably be a more appropriate term.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes. This year was spent in reflection as opposed to celebration. I wrote thoughts and lessons I learned from another year around the sun in this Medium article: On my birthday 5 lessons I learned this year.
I am contemplating creating an email version of the The Startup Nation Review newsletter on Substack (with additions like a Telegram or Upstream group for networking, an added section of curated startups, etc.) for those not active on LinkedIn. I have debated for some time charging a modest fee of $5 a month to encourage buy-in for a weekly newsletter. I would appreciate it if you could vote and share your views for my market research here.
Some inspiration
Some inspiration
“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”
-William Faulkner
What I'm reading
What I'm reading
Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead by Jim Mattis, Bing West: No, not the Bolton book (on my reading list though) this book was surprisingly not very political as in it’s not a memoir of the former Defense Secretary’s time in the White House. What the book is, is a manual on how to lead soldiers during wartime, and moreover, on leadership. Leadership in managing people, stressful situations, and being persuasive in a highly rigid organization like the military. 
Anyone who has spent any time in the military understands the burden which is carried. What was surprising was the focus Gen Mattis gave towards encouraging initiative taking in his ranks. Courage under fire, and extreme stress show someone’s true nature. Certainly, during these days, we see leadership breaking down as a result from the pressures of COVID-19 and the social protests. Displaying leadership is all well and good during normal times, it is during times like these which history books will be written about that where decisive actions really matters.
From a business lit perspective this book is not for everyone; it is part US military history in the Middle East interspersed with reflections on leadership. The Marines where Mattis spent most of his military career is a harsh incubator for developing leadership, where many of the lessons are written in blood. There are valuable lessons from Mattis’s reflections in this book which could certainly be applied to entrepreneurs today facing COVID-19.
Key Takeaways:
⚪️ Initiative, aggressively implemented: I love this term. Mattis lives by this idea, and no better way to describe the action of getting sh#t done.
⚪️ Leaders really are readers: If there was one hack in the book on outsmarting your adversity, it is to read. There is a reason the General’s nickname was “Warrior Monk”.
⚪️ Clear objectives: One thing you cannot take away from a Marine, clear orders are the rule of the day.
Leadership Lessons from Gen. James Mattis (Ret.)
Life; squeeze that lemon
Life; squeeze that lemon
⚪️ 1,000Hires: If anyone is looking for quality talent check this out. If you were laid off during this time or looking for your next position reach out and they can help you. Apply here.
⚪️ FirstMark Talent NetworkJoin the FirstMark Talent Network. With one click, put your story in front of the 75+ companies in their network. Apply here.
⚪️ NYCA Partners Job BoardNYCA recently launched a job board to help talent in their network to discover opportunities within their portfolio. There are over 500 jobs open - please reach out if you’re interested in connecting on any openings. Apply here.
⚪️ OutgageThis year has been… well, you know! They want to help their B2B marketing community in any way possible. They created a running job board for companies and job seekers, built by the community. Search for a job, or add an opening that you know about. Read more here and remember, we are stronger together! Apply here.
⚪️ AnD Ventures: Biz Dev Admin. They are an early-stage VC investing in extraordinary people and frontier technologies . They are always on the lookout for creative, disruptive & talented people, with a positive approach and a can-do attitude. If this sounds like you, please reach out! Apply here.
⚪️ Cadena Foundation: They are looking to hire a philanthropy officer for the Cadena Foundation, a Jewish nonprofit org with 10+ offices worldwide. Key responsibilities would include cultivating and managing a portfolio of strategic high net worth individuals and institutional donors in the New York region to generate significant support for the Cadena Foundation. Apply here.
⚪️ Cowboy VenturesTeam Cowboy is looking for a few passionate tech enthusiasts and one community driven intern to join their team for the summer! Candidates with diverse and/or underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Apply here.
⚪️ Israeli healthtech impact startup: They are seeking a US co-founder/CEO, paid + equity. They seek someone experienced in raising funds, biz dev, with a medical sciences background or education + ideally MBA. Please send resumes or questions to
⚪️ VC Associate: A venture capital fund that invests in startups (various rounds) in the healthcare, AI and more - is hiring an associate: A candidate with strong processing power who can work with the partner and build a Due Diligence process vis-à-vis the companies, and also present to the companies. The required background is: analyst or associate in a fund or investment house, who knows the investment process, has depth and technological understanding, and a lot of passion for technology investment. Send resumes to:
⚪️ Vintage Investment PartnersThey are looking for a senior team member to join their Value-Added Services department. The candidate will manage and execute the VAS processes connecting corporations and startups in order to create meaningful business transactions. Responsibilities will include working with team members and corporations to understand business pain points and match relevant startups. The ideal candidate should have extensive business experience and well familiar w different technologies. Please email 
⚪️ Female Founders in InsurTech 2020 global innovation competitionAn open innovation competition targeted at promoting female entrepreneurs with solutions relevant to the insurance industry and address technology opportunities. Hosted by Quesnay, the competition is open to all startups with a female founder, co-founder, CEO, or C-Suite leader with solutions relevant to the insurance industry. Office Hours will be held on a weekly basis every Friday from 12:00pm ET - 1:00pm ET until the Submission Deadline (July 26). Deadline July 26. Apply here.
⚪️ Introducing the Talent x Opportunity Fund: Andreessen Horowitz has launched this fund devoted to helping those who are lacking resources to be able to achieve entrepreneurial success. If your business idea has a solid model with potential and promise, and you identify as coming from an underserved community, here’s your opportunity. A16z are looking for entrepreneurs who did not have access to the fast track in life but who have great potential. Their products can be non-tech or tech; and ideally, their business will have an interesting model, niche market, and/or a little traction to indicate the promise and potential. Learn more about the fund here.
⚪️ Money 20/20: They believe startups are the frontline of innovation – and key to the great re-build ahead, so they’ve got some new exclusive programs and workshops for startups at this year’s Monday20/20 in Las Vegas. AND they’ve raised the stakes in our annual Startup Pitch. New for this year, we’ll have 15 ground-breaking startups enter the MoneyTank and pitch to leading VCs ready to commit up to $250,000 in potential investment* Are you ready to enter the Money Tank? Applications close July 15. Apply here.
⚪️ Quantum Hub: Got a revolutionary product in the Mobility & Automotive space? Apply today to join the first batch of Quantum SPARK - the first program that connects you with 200+ industrial companies in Israel and abroad, including a $50K investment, dedicated to developing a POC. Deadline to apply: July 15. Apply here.
⚪️ TECH FOR FINThey are very excited to share their (CitiDiscount Bank & Visa) new initiative: TECH FOR FIN is an incredible community for financial institutions, VCs and startups to share and discuss new innovation, solutions and news around the fintech community and beyond. You will find many up and coming events, news deal flow and activities that anyone in the Fintech ecosystem will find valuable. Looking forward to seeing you in our community and feel free to invite others to join :) Apply here.
⚪️ drive21: CAREERS AT drive21. Come join their dynamic team and help them bring their clients’ visions to life. Click the link for current job openings. Apply here.
⚪️ Schusterman Foundation: They are seeking a number of positions: Digital Communications Officer (Washington DC or Atlanta, GA). an Gender and Reproductive Equity Grantmaking Program Associate (Washington DC). For more Schusterman career opportunities in the U.S. and Israel, click here
⚪️ Spring Health: Spring Health is looking for a VP Finance based in NYC! Series B-D start-up experience is a must, as is passion for their mission of eliminating every barrier to mental health. Apply here.
⚪️ 2020 Afro Future Digital Accelerator Application: Apply now for the world’s 1st Afro Future Digital Accelerator program. As a society, we dedicated a month for black history, and as we move forward, we are dedicating August month towards black future. They are launching the 1st digital accelerator program, which is a 4 week digital course for Afro descendant and black peoples. This program will cover several key topics highlighted below and will welcome top experts and executives to speak on these subject matters. Apply here.
⚪️ Female Innovators’ Lab: Barclays and Anthemis are committed to bringing more women into entrepreneurship in the financial services ecosystem and closing the fundraising gender gap. Once established, the startups will move into Barclays’ newly expanded Rise building in New York’s Silicon Alley, where they will have unparalleled access to mentoring and networking opportunities from the world-class FinTech hub. Deadline: rolling basis. Apply here.
Upcoming events + opportunities
Upcoming events + opportunities
⚪️ Startup Impact Summit: Startup Impact Summit focuses on showcasing and creating impact for the global startup and tech community. July 7 & 8. Tickets here.
⚪️ SigmaLabs & GreenUp City Virtual Demo DayWelcome to the SigmaLabs and GreenUp City Virtual DemoDay. Join to view 12 early stage Israeli startups from the best accelerator programs in Israel. On July 8th, 12 early-stage Israeli companies, part of Sarona Partners programs, will be pitching to angels and VCs from all over the world. Register here.
⚪️ A CLOSER LOOK INTO SEED INVESTMENTS IN 2020: The decline in Seed investments has created a challenging landscape for early-stage startups seeking funding. If you’re looking for seed investment, how do you catch an investor’s eye? July 8th, 4:00PM IDT. Register here.
⚪️ Innovation and communities in the corporate world: Avigail Levine, Head of Marketing and Ecosystem Relations at Samsung NEXT TLV by day, and social entrepreneur by night. Avigail was one of the first community managers both in Israel and globally in the venture capital world (Head of Ecosystem and Portfolio Development at Aleph VC) and would be happy to share with you her experience. On Wednesday, July 8th, at 21:00, YCP Facebook group section ‘from CM to CEO’. Register here.
⚪️ Emerging Tech Innovations: A Conversation with VC’s: As tech startups and entrepreneurs make incredibly significant business decisions in order to stay afloat in the current market and decide how to allocate their funding in an economic downturn, some have found themselves uncovering new opportunities for innovation. Plato theorized “Necessity is the mother of Invention” and we are seeing this truth unfold everywhere, particularly in the technology space. Thu, Jul 9, 2020 1:00 PM. Register here.
⚪️ The Summit You Do Not Want to Miss. Zoom Out – For a New Tomorrow: The Israeli American Council (IAC) and Tel Aviv University - Innovative Learning Center invite all educators to a two-day E-Summit to reimagine the future of education. Together with senior executives from EdTech and education innovation, leading academics and practitioners of soft skills development, we will learn best practices and models to take back to our informal and formal classroom settings. July 13-14. Register here.
⚪️ Leaders Live Series w/ Investor of BDMI Fund: Join Entre & Leaders Live for virtual series with Founders, CEOs, & VCs! Entre & Leaders Live are bringing Investor Interview Series showcasing Live talks with Founders, CEOs & Venture Capital Funds discussing the Business, Growth & Network Collaborations. Tue, July 14, 4:30 PM EDT. Register here.
⚪️ 1 Million Cups NYC July 15th: 1 Million Cups is a monthly gathering where 2 entrepreneurs give a 6-minute presentation about their experience starting and growing their company, followed by Q&A from the audience. July 15, 8:30 AM. Register here.
⚪️ Entrepreneurship in Times of Crisis: DLD Sync with Steve Case & Yossi Vardi. Join DLD Sync - an interactive roundtable with a number of experts from the DLD community discussing the international evolution in a Covid and post-Covid world. Follow the green button to register! Wed, 15 Jul 11.00 am (EDT). Register here.
⚪️ Virtual Bootstrappers Breakfast: Join them for the Summer edition of thee virtual Bootstrappers Breakfast. They hope to return to in person breakfast meetings in the Fall. Philly and NYC together for virtual Bootstrappers Breakfast. Wednesday, July 15, 8:30 AM ET. Register here.
⚪️ Sports 2020: What About the FansTheir topic for this edition of Connection to Innovation will focus on what it means to be a sports fan in 2020. It is clear that sports are coming back to the fans, but it is still unclear when and how the fans will come back to sports. While the social distancing persists, what will the experience look like? What cutting edge innovations will support the “new normal” fan experience? Wed, July 15, 2:00 PM. Register here.
⚪️ Join Overton VC on 7/16: Innovations in Women’s Health & Wellness: Join Overton Venture Capital’s co-founders Kerry Miller and Michael Nogen for a discussion about why they are investing in the future of women’s health and wellness. Women’s health has long been a taboo topic, and as a result, an overlooked investment. But as stigmas have lifted, innovation in women’s holistic health has accelerated. They’ll speak with Colette Courtion, Founder and CEO of Joylux, an Overton portfolio company, and Kirsten Karchmer, Founder and CEO of Brazen, a period health company. Thu, July 16, 4:00 PM EDT. Register here.
⚪️ JiT Chat With David Blumberg, Founder & Managing Partner at Blumberg CapitalTo kick things off, they’re welcoming David Blumberg, Founder and Managing Partner of Blumberg Capital, an early stage fund headquartered in San Francisco with team members in Tel Aviv and New York. They’ll be diving into a conversation around what it looks like to start a company during these “uncertain times” and how you can prepare accordingly. 6:00pm Thursday, July 16. Register here.
⚪️ Black-led Startups Pitch Competition: Join Entre for a virtual Black-led Startups Pitch Competition! Join Entre & Start Engine virtually for their Black-led Startups Pitch Competition. 6 startups will pitch to a panel of investor judges and hundreds of entrepreneurs. Apply here in this google form to be considered to pitch at this competition. Application deadline will be July 15. Wed, July 22, 6:00 PM EDT. Register here.
⚪️ Equity, Compensation + Cap Tables with Carta: One of the first steps in forming a startup should undoubtedly be creating your cap table. Sounds simple, but cap tables can get complicated quickly. And without a good one, it’s far too easy to make bad equity decisions when raising money and hiring. Reed will also discuss how founders can uncomplicate the process with the right tools and build a cap table that grows with your startup from formation to exit. THU, JUL 23, 10:00 AM (PDT). RSVP here.
⚪️ Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global: New-York Israel Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce its sponsorship and invite you to join us at Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global. Come meet, interact and network online with more than 1,300 VCs, Corporate VCs, angel investors, industry execs and founders of venture backed, emerging and early stage companies at the prestigious Venture Summit Virtual Connect. August 4th – 6th. Special offer: Register Now & Save 20% off Early Bird Rates (Use discount code “NYICCVIP”). Register here.
⚪️ You’re Invited to Apply to TechDay Founders Summit: This one-day digital conference will provide startup founders, their executive teams, and idea-stage entrepreneurs with the education, tools, and networks necessary to become better, more successful business people. Attendance is by application only. Click here to take a look at the complete program, including course descriptions, speaker biographies, and registration fees. Join them on August 14th. Apply here.

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