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October 13 · Issue #93 · View online

Sharing meaningful experiences, impactful ideas and career + event opportunities in the NY/TLV tech ecosystems

“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible”

Curated by YKC
Curated by YKC
Welcome back YKC community … Shalom from Tel Aviv. It looks like the beginning of the end of this phase of the lockdown. As for the White City, it is obviously emptier given the lockdown, but the underlying energy of the city still exists. If you’re in town and want to connect respond to this email directly.
You can follow my daily Israel exploits on Stories: IG here, and LinkedIn here.
My first piece in a UAE based tech publication: Desert tech: Tech verticals where the UAE and Israel can collaborate.
Join us as I’ll be moderating the Atento Capital webinar tomorrow. You’ll be able to learn about how you can grow your startup in Tulsa/hire remote workers directly from the investors building the ecosystem: Tulsa - Tel Aviv: Meet the Midwestern VC. To submit questions you can respond to this email. 8:00-9:00am CST/16:00-15:00 IDT, Wednesday October 14th. Register here.
If you’re in Israeli tech and want to join the Upstream group I’m moderating please respond to this email. To those not familiar with this social networking app, it’s been blowing up in the NY tech scene, you can check out the WSJ piece on it here. We’re planning a networking event next Wednesday (the 21st), if you haven’t been to one of them, they’re a lot of fun.
As there is no Israel editor yet for LinkedIn (why the country wasn’t featured as part of LinkedIn’s Top Startups list) I’m going to create my own list (per vertical) as part of the The Israeli Startup Review.
Cybersecurity is up first, if you have a startup you’d like to nominate (or to nominate yourself) please respond to this email directly. I need to go through the number of inquires so will push the companies I choose to be featured in next week’s LinkedIn newsletter.
Some inspiration
Some inspiration
“When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let is destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you”
-Dr. Seuss
What I'm reading
What I'm reading
Israel must shift strategy in its fight against coronavirus by Professor Amnon Shashua: When the media reports on the COVID situation in Israel, what they’re really reporting on is two different countries. While the general assumption was that Israel’s Arab population would be one of the groups flaunting the rules (and there were some challenges with large weddings), that hasn’t been necessarily the case as the number of infected decreased in that community. However, I’m not sharing anything new as it’s the ultra-Orthodox population where the virus rate is highest, but that too seems to be on the decline (though you read conflicting items in the media).
I was on a yishuv in the north for over a month, and most people I saw walking outside (getting exercise) were wearing masks. People complain about Tel Aviv as being its own country, but most people here are wearing masks as well. Political factors are impacting the fact that the whole country had to enter this “lockdown”, which itself became a joke as it was so flagrantly violated by government officials. People here don’t want to feel like they’re suckers so what do you expect when you see government ministers doing what they want. Personally, I’ve done the best given the fact the situation is out of my control.
With some European countries on the verge of a second lockdown how the leadership in Israel mishandled the first wave is a lesson for leaders in other countries. At this point it looks like the second lockdown was effective in bringing down the number of infected in (most of) the population, it’s just the obvious economic/social/mental costs we’re struggling with. Where it will get trickier is when this current lockdown starts to get lifted.
Key Takeaways:
⚪️ Make the best of a bad situation: People here are resilient and have seemed to be taking this in stride, except when they protest of course.
⚪️ Do as I say, not as I do: Personal examples start from the top, and the politicians in power seem to forget we’re in lockdown
⚪️ Good time to study philosophy: OK, this is my personal view, but now is as good a time as any to read while we’re stuck indoors.
Israel Plans 4-Month Exit From COVID-19 Lockdown
Life; squeeze that lemon
Life; squeeze that lemon
⚪️ Atento Capital: Come work with us. Atento connects great companies to great people with the mission to grow Tulsa’s community. If you’re based in Israel and interested in any of these positions reach out to me directly. Openings here.
⚪️ Republic Venture Fellow Application: Republic has launched a Venture Fellow program for undergraduate students! An amazing opportunity to build your network and learn the fundamentals of startup investing. The program aims to empower, inspire, and educate aspiring investors on venture capital, including crowdinvesting, with valuable resources to support their learning, networking opportunities, and private investing journey. Application close on Friday, October 16th at 11:59pm ET. Apply here.
⚪️ The Merage Foundation Israel DeserTech Competition for Desert Technologies: The competition aims to find and award groundbreaking technologies which offer innovative solutions for desert challenges or take the desert advantages on to the next level of innovation and high quality of life. In the competition, they’re looking for solutions in the fields of watertech. Think you have the solution? Fill in the form and hop on to the next stage of the competition by contacting Sivan.
⚪️ Shadow Ventures: They are launching a multi family tech accelerator. Five pre-seed/seed startups will be selected by Shadow and a team of venture partners from industry. Startups will receive funding at the outset and, in some cases, follow on when the program ends. Please direct any relevant founders here.
⚪️ Techstars: They’re excited to announce that applications are open for their 2021 class of Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator! Who can apply? Startups from all industries, pre funding or post funding, from anywhere in the world. If you’re looking to disrupt industries through impactful technologies and be part of one of the worlds strongest Hi-Tech ecosystems this is your chance. Learn more about the program and what they’re looking for in their entrepreneurs. Apply here or contact Franka Godina to learn more.
⚪️ FED Tables: Enjoy creativity and new connections! (Your taste of FED Tables will enable you to sample our program. While FED Tables is offered as part of a monthly subscription service, come join them one Saturday night to try it out! If you really see its value and find yourself coming back for more, they ask that you subscribe. To learn more click here.
⚪️ Abu Dhabi Virtual 2020Cooperation between The Nest - הבית ליזמים צעירים & Founder Institute UAE Abu Dhabi Virtual 2020. Pre-seed startups (all vertical) are welcome to register to world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, the Founder Institute Final Admissions Deadline: October 04. Apply here.
⚪️ VentureCrushFG Pods: A Digital Cohort to Enable Founders to Network During a PandemicNetwork, Guidance, Support. No equity taken. 10-15 promising startups organized by geography or affinity plus 3 pod-leads (VCs and one member of Lowenstein Sandler LLP’s Venture Crush team to build a community of founders, investors, and advisors. 8 month program. Apply here.
⚪️ Satellite: High-tech sales careers in Tulsa. Career accelerator programs run by top sales leaders in tech. Accelerate your career, expand your network and land your dream job in just 6 weeks. Satellite’s program is now live and looking for people to apply to a six week training program with guaranteed placement. If you’re interested in this Tulsa based program reach out to me directly. Apply here.
⚪️ CyabraThey are hiring their 1st ever SDR, and work closely with the undefeated champion Assaf in sales. They’ve been talking about expansion for the last 2 months -and now it’s starting! Apply here.
⚪️ GetroGetro is on a mission to help people reveal the hidden potential inside their networks and do the work they love. They’re in a pivotal moment of growth, hiring multiple new team members to keep up with demand. If you or someone you know is looking for a new opportunity, please consider taking a look at what they’re up to! Hiring for: * Director of Operations * Lead Front End Engineer (React) * Account Executive * Growth, Apply here.
⚪️ Horizon LabsAs an ideal candidate, you are a trained Senior Product Developer or a seasoned Junior Product Developer ready for a mature and leading role. Has experience developing products independently and capable of hiring and leading a small team. The role demands strong communication skills in order to work collaboratively with both the Horizen Labs strategy and engineering team. Apply here.
⚪️ Israel Economic Mission to North AmericaPartnerships and Business Development Lead. The Government of Israel Economic Mission to The East Coast is looking for a Partnership and Business Development Lead to be part of its team of professionals. To learn more or apply click here.
⚪️ Israel Institute for Innovation: As part of its extensive cooperation with the JNF as part of Relocate 2040, to strengthen the Negev and the Galilee. They are looking for a someone who is well familiar with the entrepreneurial environment of the Negev and will be able to bridge and connect all relevant players of the region in a meaningful and efficient way. Apply here.
⚪️ Journey: They are hiring a dynamic B2B Marketing Lead to help share their Stress Management & Mental Wellbeing program with more employers and employees. If you know an experienced B2B marketer that is passionate about mental wellness, they’d love to chat with them! Apply here.
⚪️ Mosaic: They are looking to hire an ambitious and talented Director of HR to help support their US businesses. They build and acquire leading mobile apps around the world, and have >$200M in revenue, 4M+ paying subscribers and >1 billion lifetime downloads. Full job spec here.
Upcoming events + opportunities
Upcoming events + opportunities
⚪️ Bootstrappers Breakfast with David Dylan Thomas on Cognitive Bias: In his talk, David will use real-world examples to identify some particularly nasty biases that frequently lead users to make bad decisions. He’ll then talk about some content strategy and design choices we can use in our apps, designs, and platforms to redirect or eliminate the impact of those biases. Finally, they will explore our own biases and some methods to prevent our blind spots from hurting our users and customers. Tue, October 13, 3:30 PM IDT. Register here.
⚪️ Startup Grind NYC Hosts Chau Mui (ciaooo! Media Group): Chau Mui is the founder and editor in chief of ciaooo! Media Group, an editorial site helping New Yorkers to become informed and impactful. In July of 2020, ciaooo! was selected to be part of Mastercard’s global initiative #Allforsmall, which selects small businesses creating a positive impact within the community. TUE, OCT 13, 5:00 PM (EDT). RSVP here.
⚪️ Tulsa - Tel Aviv: Meet the Midwestern VC: Join Atento Capital for a webinar to learn about how you can grow your startup in Tulsa, Oklahoma directly from the investors building the ecosystem featuring Michael Basch - Managing Partner and Will Gray - Investments and Partnerships. A Zoom link will be emailed to you directly prior to the event. To submit questions, or learn more email Yoni at: yoni or Whatsapp +1 (908) 616-9776 8:00-9:00am CST/16:00-15:00 IDT Wednesday October 14th. Register here.
⚪️ Founders Foundations Meeting - How to start your startupAre you a first time Founder? They bet you have tons of questions…. so they are here to help! Join their conversation to learn from Kfir Kimhi , CEO ITsMine experience and get some answers from our legal experts at Fox Rothschild LLP and tax expert from GPL Tax & Accounting October 14, 2020 at 9am PST | 7pm IL. Register here.
⚪️ Shaping Business Culture in the Age of Agility: This approach simultaneously addresses both enterprise-wide transformation initiatives and rapid-cycle innovation at the critical business process levels. However, implementing and scaling these initiatives requires a shift in culture to encourage continuous innovation in workflows that cross departments throughout a business. Oct 15, 8:00PM to Oct 15, 9:15PM IDT. RSVP here.
⚪️ Diverse Founders Startup Showcase: We know that diversity leads to greater innovation, alternate ways of problem solving and thinking, and financial growth for businesses large and small. In order to create the most robust healthcare ecosystem, it is essential that all communities, users, founders, and partners are empowered. HLTH and Samsung Next Ventures are pleased to collaborate on a dedicated startup showcase promoting diversity in healthcare! Showcase debuts to HLTH VRTL audience on October 16th. Learn more here.
⚪️ ISRAELI STARTUPS: WILLKOMMEN TO GERMANY!As part of CQ Global’s activities in the Israeli Go Global Forum, AHK Israel and CQ Global (former Nisha) will conduct a joint workshop to help Israeli startups expand to the German market. Are you part of an Israeli startup that is looking to Go Global? Targeting the German market might be the best way for you to start! Sun, October 18, 10:00 AM IDT. Register here.
⚪️ DLD Live Tel Aviv Innovation Festival: The online Festival will take place on October 12-15th, 2020, and will consist of special events and a professional Summit (October 14-15th). The core event of the festival is the Summit. The festival will include special events hosted by multinational companies, as well as Israeli companies and organizations. Learn more here.
⚪️ Cyber Week Goes VirtualCyber Week Online invites you to experience expert-driven content and high-level networking opportunities, from the comfort of your own home. Bringing you world-class thought leaders from industry, government, and academia, Cyber Week Online provides a virtual space to connect and share ideas with international decision-makers, business executives, startups, and investors. October 19th-21st. Register here.
⚪️ Beyond the Bovine: Milk of the Future: They look forward to having you join them at ZORA’s next Learning Lab! This event features Aviel Even, CEO of Fantastic Farms, and Aviv Wolff, CEO and Co-Founder of Remilk, discussing the technologies they are using to disrupt the $300 billion milk market and reinvent cow’s milk, animal free. Feel free to send along any questions in advance. They look forward to seeing you on Zoom — 9am PT / 12pm EST / 7pm IL. Register here.
⚪️ GCC Women-Led Funds - Virtual Investors Conference: Join their GCC women-led funds virtual investors conference, featuring unique fund investment opportunities of DigitalDX Ventures, Volt Capital and Fab Ventures. Wednesday, October 21st, 12:00 pm ET. RSVP* here.
⚪️ TechDay New York: Take advantage of state-of-the-art AI powered matchmaking to schedule meetings with the TechDay Online participants most likely to help you succeed – investors, accelerators, members of the press, corporate innovation teams, developers, engineers, early adopters, and more! October 23, Expo Pass free here.
⚪️ Online Master Class in Corporate Innovation: Their Virtual Master Class in Corporate Innovation teaches you core innovation skills in lean startup, design thinking, and creative problem solving all online! Starting October 28th, this dynamic three-part virtual Master Class is ideal for anyone who is seeking to build the skills and mindsets to launch new products, services, processes, and business models. Wednesday, October 28, 20208:30 AM - Wednesday, November 4, 2020 12:00 PM. Register here.
⚪️ Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3Come meet, interact and network online with more than 1,300 VCs, Corporate VCs, angel investors, industry execs and founders of venture backed, emerging and early stage companies at the prestigious Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3 being held virtually on November 17th-19th 2020. The New York Israel Chamber of Commerce (a non-profit board I sit on) is pleased to announce its sponsorship and invite you to join us at Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3.0. Special offer: Register Now & Save 20% off Early Bird Rates (Use discount code “NYICVIP"). Register here.
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