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Nothing > Thinking > Doing > Finishing 

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December 10 · Issue #18 · View online
Sharing meaningful experiences, impactful ideas and career + event opportunities in the NY/TLV tech ecosystems

Nothing > Thinking > Doing > Finishing 

YKC. Happy Hanukah to those celebrating! Thank you to all of you who came out for the YKC Pre-Thanksgiving Happy Hour. From the looks of it, many new connections and relationship were created. 
My friends at F2 Captial’s Power to Founders recently reposted a Medium article I wrote last year; Tech + Israeli Society I. Make sure to follow Power to Founders (and a big thank you to them for the re-post); this got me to thinking about starting to write long-form content on Medium again. Big changes in store for YKC in 2018, starting with a new section featuring startups…
Finally, I would be grateful if you could fill out this short survey. I’m trying to make more sense of my network and how to help and connect people in a higher quality and effective manner. 
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal: This book covers the same area as Homo Deus; how the Silicon Valley inspired “1%” are pursuing an upgrade (in this case upgrading reality) and access to the divine. There is certainly a lot I don’t like about the mindset in Silicon Valley but this is the group who has the resources, drive, and execution to move the needle on the global (and interplanetary) scale. This week on earth we’ll be celebrating the Maccabees upending the Hellenization of Jewish culture and bringing light to darkness; in less than a generation, some of us might be celebrating by bringing life to the Red Planet.
Plato described the Greek term estatis “as an altered state where our normal waking consciousness vanishes completely, replaced by an intense euphoria and a  powerful connection to a greater intelligence”. The authors trace back Homo Sapiens’ rituals from our hunter-gather days (the use of a variety of rituals; fire, chanting, costumes, dancing, etc.) to enter altered states. The altered state economy is at an estimated four trillion dollars and defines activities which seek to alter the way we look at the world (if any only temporary) from the gentile (yoga) and standard (alcohol) to the security-related (US Special Forces entering flow states) and borderline illegal (microdosing).
The embrace of Silicon Valley and the commercialization of “hacks” to enter peak states is just another example of the extremity (and obsession) with human performance enhancement. In this case, entering altered states is used for ideation and problem solving. There is a focus in the book on shared (and fully immersive peak experiences) such as Burning Man and EDM culture (a seven billion industry); both of which have become mainstays of popular culture. Millennials are the most experience obsessed generation yet, for all the prevalence of technology they still seek to connect in person and experience peak experiences together outside the algorithmically created wall gardens of Facebook.
Key Takeaways 
⚪️Spirtuality is the next performance enhancer: I addressed this idea in YKC Issue #15; most of the performance enhancing states have their origins in religious rituals. The Headspace meditation app is a good example. Yoga, now mediation is turning into Soulcyle (even the brand’s name is inspired by the karmic idea of the circle of death and rebirth); we are on the cusp of something big.
⚪️Altered states are fundamentals of human experience (and helped form society): The only difference is that whereas for thousands of years only religious elites could enter these states through sanctioned and holy practices, today they are accessible to everyone.
⚪️Ordinary mind states might not be enough to solve the world’s biggest problems: Thinking on a basic level got us to where we are now. Thinking at that level is probably not going to solve some of our most pressing challenges.
Global millennial estatis ritual - sound, fire, dancing, and costumes
YKC Featured Candidate: David has held roles ranging from director of sales to heading strategic partnerships over the last 10 years at startup companies, primarily in the ad tech and digital marketing space. Prior to a seed stage medical tech company where David led the sales initiative, he was a senior sales leader at LocalVox. There, he was both the number 1 ranked salesperson for their SaaS platform and managed a team overseeing partnerships with Bank of America and First Data, through the company’s acquisition. He is looking to help a seed or Series A-funded startup interested in scaling their sales initiatives and establishing a strong sales framework. David can be reached at                                                                                                                             
⚪️Village Capital has teamed up with Kaiser Permanente to run Health: US 2018, a unique venture diligence program focused on cultivating early-stage companies solving critical issues for an aging population. While all ventures with aging-related solutions are encouraged to apply, I would suggest checking out their website for what health-related solutions they are particularly interested in investing in. For info and to apply click here.                                                                                                                       
⚪️Chloe Cohen is looking to fill an entry-level position or intern. She needs a millennial (i.e., smart and knows digital marketing). You can reach her directly at 
Facebook Creator App: I was not ready to delete the Facebook app from my phone, so this a good alternative. This app lets you post content but offers you no access to your News Feed. I’m probably 10% happier and more effective by not viewing other people post their peak experiences on Facebook. Note, I still use Messanger and believe that it will play an even more vital role in communication (use of bots, etc.). Though Direct by Instagram is not getting positive reviews and seems to be a redundant play on Facebook’s part, time will tell.
SquarePlan: The Brain of Your Building
No more frustration between tenants and landlords. SquarePlan turns property management and maintenance into a positive experience for all. It is a virtual property manager that interacts with tenants, staff and managers over apps, website, phone calls, emails, and texts. Using expert systems, chatbots, and interactive floorplans, it boosts landlords and managers’ efficiency, increases maintenance’s accuracy, and brings more transparency to tenants.
This system is currently being tested in about 30 residential and commercial buildings across the US and is expected to be in very high demand over the next years: according to Bloomberg, 81% of the property/facility management tasks can be automated. The $75B real estate management market can finally begin its tech revolution and enter the 21st century. For more info contact their CEO Lio Salma at
⚪️Tech 2025: Using Blockchain-Journalism to Reinvent the News Industry with Daniel Sieberg: How can a decentralized, blockchain platform solve the news industry’s biggest problems including fighting fake news, making news more community-driven, supporting journalists as entrepreneurs, and making the industry profitable? I definitely have my thoughts on blockchain but am interested in seeing the technology used for social good. To purchase tickets click here.
⚪️Chanukah with Tech Tribe: Take part in an epic Chanukah party for Jews in tech and digital media! Join Members of the Tribe and kindle the world’s first Augmented Reality Menorah! Enjoy latkes, sufganiyot and other tasty Chanukah treats, drinks from Shmaltz Brewing and more! December 14, 2017, 7:00 pm-10:00 pm. The Yard: Herald Square 106 WEST 32nd ST. To purchase tickets click here.
⚪️Belev Echad is an organization that supports wounded Israeli veterans in diverse ways including employment, tuition, financial, psychological and medical assistance and the now thrice annual NYC tour of appreciation. The NYC trip is designed to motivate these wounded veterans through the toughest parts of their rehabilitation and to create a lifelong community to help alleviate the isolation that many of them experience. The annual Belev Echad Gala is coming up on December 18th at Capitale. PLEASE come join them at the party. RSVP here 
⚪️Xmas Eve 2017 at 230 5th Rooftop: Dec 24th. Doors Open at 9pm. Table Specials Are Available for Purchase. Special Guest DJ at one of NYCs Top Rooftop Venues. 1500+ people expected attendance. Top 40, Hip Hop, House, Israeli & International Music. Use this link for the YKC discount and 25% off.
⚪️AUTHORS @ GCT: TIM O'REILLY1/11. Tim O’Reilly aka “The Oracle of Silicon Valley” is coming to GCT. Join them for a live Q&A to hear his thoughts on where technology is taking us. I was just at the GCT Holiday party last week and had a blast, I love what they’re building. RSVP here.
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