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Y K C : Freedom

No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn

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March 20 · Issue #25 · View online
Sharing meaningful experiences, impactful ideas and career + event opportunities in the NY/TLV tech ecosystems

No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn

YKC. SXSW was a blast. Now back to reality. Happy Passover to those celebrating later this month. Let’s celebrate our freedom, which is more important now than ever. Physically we are free (not something we should take for granted) but at times I feel we are slaves in our minds to past events, future worry, and to our emotions. What steps can we take to break free from our bondage? Maybe we’ll find out next year in Jerusalem,  L'Shana Haba'ah B'Yerushalayim… Is Tesla Coming to Israel? Elon Musk Appears in Jerusalem Bar ‘Burning Absinthe’.
Check out my Medium article of curated (and updated) Facebook posts from Israel summer 2016 around the idea of resilience; YKC: Resilience (10,000 hours of coffee meetings). To view this newsletter on Medium click here.
“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”
-John F. Kennedy 
It’s Time To Get Real About Power in Silicon Valley by Ryan Holiday: After finishing Holiday’s excellent Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue I debated reviewing this book first until I saw this very topical article.  As a former policy wonk (now on a news/media diet) it’s refreshing to read the work of an author who clearer sees trends in human behavior by invoking the classics. We need more lucid thinking such as this (and less social media pumped hysterical thinking) these days. 
The amount of wealth in so few hands of the tech elite is the highest single concentration of wealth (attained by legal means i.e. not Roman conquest) in human history. The reach of the FANGs impacts every aspect of our lives; it seems as if the tech giants (companies which didn’t even exist 20 years) ago have moved to more aggressive displays of power. A Jeff Bezos presidential ticket for 2020? Who knows, the 100 Billion Man owns the Washington Post, recently converted a museum into a new house in DC, and DC is one of the top choices for Amazon HQ2. Judging from the outcome of the 2016 elections anything is on the table, and 2020 might be even wilder. Alexa, who is going to run for President in 2020?
Along the theme of concealed power which comes to the surface Conspiracy is the book that (infamous?) 48 Rules of Power author Rob Greene would have written were he a millennial. Which I recommend reading in order to understand and guard against scrupulous people willing to use the rules against us; there is a reason this is one of the most requested books in US prisons. The writing style is different than Holiday’s previous books and takes some time getting into, but overall is a solid foray into this investigative style of writing (you can definitely see Greene’s influence on Holiday). If Greene’s Power/Seduction/War series was a modern day Machiavelli’s Prince, Conspiracy is the millennial’s version of what power looks like in the Facebook age. Holiday covers how Peter Thiel (behind the scenes) funded the court case Hulk Hogan brought against Gawker Media for releasing sex tapes that were filmed without his consent. A lot of intrigue around the case but the last chapter of this book is probably the most interesting as Holiday analyses why Thiel chooses to throw his hat into the ring with the Trump administration.  This article is a great analysis as well: Peter Thiel’s Lonely Cultural War.
⚪️It’s hard to keep a secret: Peter Thiel successfully destroyed a media outlet loath by many famous people. While he kept the plot secret (Thiel writes extensively about secrets being a key to success in Zero to One) in the end word got out that he silently funded the case. It’s almost like he wanted the world to know even with the backlash against him. Maybe another reason he left SV: California Today: Peter Thiel Is Leaving Silicon Valley. Will Others? 
⚪️Ego really is the enemy: After Gawker outed Thiel for being gay in 2007 he plotted a way to seek revenge. One does not really need to wonder how someone who is so brilliant and successful can be taken by their ego. On the flip side, the leadership at Gawker were so sure that they could never lose in court waving their First Amendment right to free speech, that when the verdict came down it was catastrophic. No matter where we are in life, our ego is always standing in our way. In fact, the higher we fly, the more it becomes our biggest obstacle. 
⚪️Cultural wars are not going away: Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker. Or really, the people (jurors) of Florida vs. the New York liberal media. I can’t say I’m comfortable with the optics of this and some of the dark unlying themes, even as arrogant and insufferable as Gawker is made out to be in the book (i.e. the alt-right’s fight against ‘globalists’ and the 'the media’ basically a dog whistle targeting Jews). The underlying theme of the book is just that; parts of this country’s rejection in 2016 of the current political system (and media) in opting for chaos with the election of Donald Trump. Tying it all together, we saw see how the tech giants proceed… Silicon Valley’s White Male Panic Takes Root at Google.
Revenge of the Nerds 1,000X
Revenge of the Nerds 1,000X
YKC Featured Candidate: Adi Feiner is looking for a junior backend developer position. She was an officer in the elite intelligence unit 8200, and is currently finishing her last semester with a Computer Science undergrad degree at IDC Herzliya. During her studies, she was a research assistant at the media innovation lab (MiLAB). Adi is also an associate in 8200 EISP, Israel’s leading startup accelerator as one of the managing team members. Adi’s passion is to do things that are both disruptive and significant; personal growth and high standards are goals she strives to achieve. She can be reached at 
⚪️Product Hunt Jobs: Become a maker, join the best startups and build amazing products.
⚪️Relocate to Tel Aviv: New Tech Talent Relocation Program:  BETA, is a new one year (or more) relocation program for senior tech talents to beta test Israel. The program was just launched by an alliance of Israeli tech companies like Nexar, WeWork and Fiverr, in order to attract the best talent to Tel Aviv. For more info email 
Digital Minimalism: No FOMO. Only JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). If I could leave my iPhone on airplane mode all day I would. It sometimes feels like a daily struggle against the onslaught of stimuli; never in history have so many sources vyed for our attention. The ability to think lucidly and focus is becoming a very sought after skill, and will increasingly become rarer.
I’m often asked about this. I try not to use the dating apps, watch the news, surf my Facebook feed (and generally avoid social media, which is probably the easiest way to get distracted, or worse, angry, depressed, etc.), or watch TV. I’m not dogmatic about it, but I’m good most of the time. I’m also happier and feel I connect with people with more authentic interactions and actually focus on them. This gives me the ability to keep my sanity and to focus on what is important to me in both my professional and personal life. How to start? Slowly phase out one thing a time, taking it day by day. You’ll feel you haven’t missed anything.
Journey Meditation:  Journey Meditation is building the largest global meditation community, both online and off, and their next step is to create the world’s first group meditation app – think Peloton for Meditation. As you may know, meditation is a very hot space, with Headspace, Calm, and others getting huge adoption. 
I love what my friend Stephen Sokoler is doing in helping raise conscious, build community, and develop empathy, all thanks to his utilizing the synergy between meditation and mindfulness. To learn more about the transformative power of his app, contact them directly at
⚪️72 Hours Of Blockchain: Matt Hooper will be hosting a livestream entitled “72 Hours of Blockchain” for..wait for it…72 hours at the IBM Think Conference in Las Vegas! Please watch them on Coindesk or YouTube. And feel free to tweet questions, comments, or, let’s face it, grave concerns about his well-being as the show progresses.
⚪️ IAC Dor Chadash Shabbat Dinner: IAC Dor Chadash in collaboration with B'nai Jeshurun Congregation invites you to join them for a community Shabbat Dinner on the UWS. IAC Dor Chadash builds an engaging and vibrant community of Israeli & American Jewish Young Professionals (20-30s) through unique Israeli experiences & a shared passion for Israel. Friday, March 23rd. Doors open at 7:30. 257 W 88th St. Tickets here.
⚪️Cornell Tech@Bloomberg - Instagram & the Art of Influence with Eva Chen: Bloomberg, Cornell Tech, and Tech:NYC invite you to join them for the latest installment of the CornellTech@Bloomberg series, featuring Eva Chen, Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram, in conversation with Scarlet Fu of Bloomberg News. An influencer herself who had amassed over 300,000 followers while she was Editor in Chief of Lucky magazine, Instagram’s visual focus has always been a perfect match for fashion, and its hiring of Chen in 2015 brought a true fashion insider in-house. Monday, March 26th. 5:30 PM Bloomberg L.P. 731 Lexington Avenue. Register here.
⚪️Meet Israel’s Chief Scientist: Join the Israeli Economic Mission on March 26th in NYC for “An Inside Look at Israeli Hi-Tech,” with Dr. Ami Applebaum, Israel’s Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority. March 26, 6:30PM. Goodwin Procter LLP. The New York Times Building. RSVP here.
⚪️NYC Marketing Mixer Networking Happy Hour: Daren McKelvey is co-hosting the upcoming NYC Marketing Mixer networking happy hour. They’ll be providing pizza and Arrow Promotional will be sponsoring the wine and beer. For more details and to attend, RSVP for the mixer. Tuesday, March 27th the from 6:30. Galvanize (303 Spring St, between Hudson and Greenwich). RSVP here.
⚪️Blockchain Beyond Crypto: Finally! The dizzying cryptocurrency rollercoaster can easily obscure the transformative potential of blockchain technology. From media to asset management, from retail to real estate, from healthcare to government, blockchain has the potential to dramatically change our economy. Tues - 03/27 6:00PM @GCT, 4th floor 335 Madison Ave. RSVP here.
⚪️All Tech is Human: The interests of tech companies often run counter to the interests of their users. Join this conversation to tackle this vexing issue of misaligned incentives with Max Stossel (Center for Humane Technology), Anya Kamenetz (NPR), Laurie Segall (CNN), and David Ryan Polgar (Funny As Tech). THU (03/29), 6:00PM  GCT, 4th floor. 335 Madison Ave. RSVP here.
⚪️FED Passover Dinners: Are you interested in experiencing a unique, creative, and meaningful Seder filled with music and delicious food? Look no further - come to FED House! See below for details about not one, but two terrific Seders you could join:
Friday, March 23th Shabbat with Beineinu: Join them for a musical celebration of Shabbat with Passover themes of liberation and holiness in today’s times. A delicious pescatarian meal will be served. RSVP here.
Friday, March 30th Freedom Seder: This special Freedom Seder will feature performances by Marques Hollie, founder of Go Down, Moshe, which explores the shared narrative between the Jewish and Black communities of bondage, deliverance, and redemption through Negro spirituals expressing the Passover liturgy in song. Also including a Wine Presentation by Eklektikon: reviving the Greek tradition through handcrafted wines. Led by Asher Bar-Lev. RSVP here.
Saturday, March 31th Women’s Empowerment Seder: For the second night, (this is geared towards women, but men are welcome) to take a journey inward to understand who we are, where we came from – and how to empower ourselves to realize our personal and collective dreams. RSVP here.
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