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October 12 · Issue #14 · View online
Sharing meaningful experiences, impactful ideas and career + event opportunities in the NY/TLV tech ecosystems

Welcome to YKC. Wishing a Chag Samech to those celebrating. 
Following the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, it is still very hard to me to understand how people are capable of perpetrating such evil acts. 
Steve Sisolak, the Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas set up a fund to assist the victims of the tragic Las Vegas shooting. To donate click here
You can recognize genuinely smart people by their ability to say things like ‘I don’t know’ ‘Maybe you’re right’ and ‘I don’t understand’”
-Paul Graham
Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio: There are not many books I read in which I learn (and actually integrate more than one new concept into my life). With Principles, Ray Dalio, founder and CEO of Bridgewater Associates, the worlds largest hedge fund (in assets under management) shares principles which have made him and his organization very successful. This book is up there with Homo Deus (both books reflect on the idea of humans as a combination of algorithms) as a contender for the YKC Book of the Year. 
I love Dalio’s embrace of the concepts Radical Transparency and Radical Honesty and his constant pursuit of clarity in order to make the best decisions possible. He also practices Transcendental Meditation (known as TM) for 20 minutes once (or twice) a day, which he claims significantly improves his decision making.  Personally, I believe we are entering a phase of societal thinking where the transparency technology has enabled (and Millennials openness to sharing their lives online) is ushering in a time where concepts of radical openness will not only be accepted but encouraged.  
The Tim Ferris podcast episode Ray Dalio, The Steve Jobs of Investing and this Wired article Zen and the Art of Hedge Fund Management are good places to get started. 
Key Takeaways:
⚪️Pain + Reflection = Progress: This concept was a turning point for me in how to process difficult emotions. If we want to accomplish anything in life we’re going to feel pain as we stretch and get out of our comfort zone. Why not use it as an opportunity to grow; I can certainly attest to learning much more from my failures than my successes.
⚪️People are Wired Differently: This is something we know to be true, but never really stop and actually think about. I know I am guilty of wishing people where different then they were, but it’s best to just accept people for who they are. Let’s stop projecting our reality and desires onto other people and see them for who they really are. 
⚪️Seek the Best Answer: I thought hard about this. We’re wrong more times then we are right when seeking the best course of action. Yet stubbornly we cling onto our bad ideas (and lie to ourselves when things are going bad) because of our ego and need to constantly be right. Be more than OK with being wrong, and look to get the best idea possible. Most likely it won’t be your own idea.
YKC Featured Candidate: After two years at Deloitte, Scott joined The Financial Revolutionist to be the bridge between the fintech and the investor community. To scale their efforts, they built one of the largest fintech publications, where Scott led research and business development. As a founding member, his responsibilities ranged from researching fintech trends, news, and startups, to building new revenue streams and driving revenue to current opportunities by finding new customers and clients. He is currently looking to move back to working with investors or helping companies scale. You can reach Scott at
Mickey Penzer is excited to announce that she started at The Bachrach Group doing recruiting. She will be focusing on real estate, but the firm has many sectors so feel free to contact her and she will be happy to refer you to her colleagues. You can reach her at and direct line at 646-870-1246 ext 761. 
Entro: One of the most simple powerful tools in my toolbox. I’ve mentioned this application before in this newsletter, but it is worth repeating. The process of making just one introduction between two good people who should know each other once a day can be life-altering (particularly in how one can positively impact someone’s life). For a few dollars a month you can do this (and keep yourself organized) in a highly professional manner.
⚪️Presentation Opportunity for an Israeli startup
A friend of mine is currently assembling an event that will showcase an Israeli startup doing something spectacular. She is looking for a company that has someone already here in the US with excellent English and strong presentation skills. The event will take place in February, and will be attended by a few hundred Israel supporters in New York.
If you’re interested in being considered, then please contact me within the next few days and I will pass your company information on. Specifically, she is looking for startups whose founding teams originated from either the Galilee or the Negev (and if this part of the startup’s story or DNA even better). Preference is given to companies solving a major problem in the social impact space.
⚪️This Saturday night, October 14 at 6:30pm join FED for a Simchat Torah Celebration: A Feast of Talent, Diversity, and Food featuring: Home-cooked, locally-sourced banquet of diverse Jewish culinary dishes, Ladino songs and stories by cellist Elad Kabilio with clarinet and singer crew, FED talk by April Baskin, URJ’s Audacious Hospitality VP, on Jewish diversity and Beatboxer Jonathan Stone of American Idol fame! Cost: $20. More details and RSVP here.
⚪️Bloomberg, Cornell Tech, and Tech:NYC invite you to join them for the latest installment of the CornellTech@Bloomberg series featuring a panel of three entrepreneurs who are pioneering the transformation of education and work: Jake Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of General Assembly, Leah Belsky, vice president of global enterprise development at Coursera, and Jeremy Snepar, founder and CEO of New York Code + Design Academy. The Cornell Tech campus recently opened on Roosevelt Island, so this event could be a good opportunity to check it out. Complimentary tickets here.
⚪️The Jerusalem Digital Business Summit is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and welcomes you to join them. The summit offers and workshops and opportunities on how to expand your business with lectures on digital marketing, social network, mobile, e-commerce, and more.
Ministry of Economy Eli Cohen, Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, and Alon Gal, Israel’s leading business coach will be speaking among others at the summit Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 (9:00-15:00) at Hebrew Unversity. Use the YKC discount code jfrenkel123 to receive a discount and take your business to the next level. 
Speak soon,
Jonathan ‘Yoni’ Frenkel
+1 (908) 616-9776 (Whatsapp) 
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