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September 28 · Issue #13 · View online
Sharing meaningful experiences, impactful ideas and career + event opportunities in the NY/TLV tech ecosystems

Welcome to YKC. Shana Tova to those celebrating; I would think to wish only sweet things this Jewish New Year (5578), but many times it’s during sour times where we learn to overcome obstacles and see the most transformational personal changes take place in ourselves. So wishing everyone a year of meaningful growth, that we look back a year from now in introspection and are proud of how far we’ve come.
A few of you have asked me to share my organizational and network development tactics so I’m experimenting with a new section called Process. I used to be teased by my classmates for always raising my hand in class and asking the teacher to explain the process (usually a math problem) in depth so I could fully understand it. Coming full circle later in life we gain understanding from a once painful experience, not just in owning it, but in using it to our advantage.
Let me know your feedback, both positive and negative. 
“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.”
-Laird Hamilton 
Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe: Sci-fi writer William Gibson’s quote “The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet” sets the tone for this book. There are a number of books predicting a roadmap for the future out there (such as Tim O'Reilly’s upcoming WTF? which is in the cue). And while I’m biased as one of the authors (Jeff Howe) is at my alma mater Northeastern, this book does a good job linking where we are possibly headed across a variety of disciplines (ex., life science, technology, government) and putting everything through a historical analysis. The authors also cover a fairly good recent history of Bitcoin (as well as a fascinating history of cryptography). A good companion article is MIT Media Lab head Joi Ito’s Wired interview with Barrack Obama; particularly interesting is the former president’s view on AI.
As it seems these days you can’t toss a Bitcoin without hitting a “blockchain expert” I decided to include James Altucher’s The ABCs of Bitcoin and Everything You Need to Know About ‘Forks’ which is a good article to read alongside this book (his podcast and writing have probably been the most influential on my thinking and writing as of recent). Investor Mark Suster always has a contrarian view so his Medium article is worth reading as well. I’m going to include a list of resources for self-education on all things blockchain and cryptocurrency in an upcoming newsletter as it seems too important a topic to be left to the experts. 
YKC Featured Candidate: Adriel Lubarsky has experience as a founder of multiple tech companies; his focus is on partnerships/business development and community building. He’s looking for NY based opportunities at a VC firm or startup working in business development and growth. He interviews thought leaders about the future of their industries at the podcast: Adriel’s Curious City. You can see his Linkedin here
To connect with Adriel just reply directly to this email.
Blockchain Jobs: For those looking for opportunities in this space. If you’re just getting started How to Get a Job at a Crypto Startup could be helpful. Overheard the term cryptobro (as a slight against guys in finance who are entering tech) at a blockchain conference this past Friday. Maybe ideas like Blockchain for Dating are examples of what happens when cryptobros crush to many meditation sessions, or it’s just another alternative to Tinder.
Pomodoro Technique: One of the most effective techniques I know of to execute focused work (not email, not meetings, definitely NOT posting on social media) but work in which complete focus is key. It’s basically a 25-minute timer in which you close all windows on your computer and work on the task at hand. Take a 5-minute break then start another session. There is something freeing that focuses you when you know you’re only sitting down to work for a limited amount of time, with a break built in. Just Google Pomodoro Timer, my favorite one is here.
⚪️Presentation Opportunity for Israeli Startups w US Presence
A friend of mine is currently assembling an event that will showcase 5 Israeli startups doing amazing work or with amazing products. He is looking for companies that have someone already here in the US with excellent English and strong presentation skills. The event will take place two months from now, and will be attended by several hundred supporters of Israel. (Hotel for one night and travel costs within the US will be reimbursed.)
If you are interested in being considered, then please contact me within the next few days and I will pass your company information on. Specifically, he is looking for companies who display that WOW factor on stage (ex., entrepreneurs solving a global problem, IoT, robotics, medical devices aka gadgets, etc.) i.e., “you know it when see it”. 
⚪️Whether you’re a lifelong camper or a first-timer, this Sukkot is the perfect time to the treat yourself to an extraordinary camp weekend with Trybal Gatherings. Join Jewish young adults from around the country this October 6-9 in Simi Valley (Southern California), for a weekend of color war, pickling, tie-dye, massage workshops, silent discos, Bubbe’s Beer Garden, unplugging with Reboot, an extra special Shabbat dinner, and much more.
Trust me this will be worth your while. Register by this Sunday, 10/1 and kick off your new year with a sweet new beginning. Register with the YKC promo code for a $75 discount here.
⚪️You’re invited to a special JICNY Networking Breakfast in the Sukkah on Tuesday, October 10th at 7:45am at Chabad of Bryant Park (Midtown, 509 5th Ave. at W. 43rd St.) Cost is $10 online; $15 at door.
I will be giving a talk about community building and network acceleration at the breakfast; I’d love to get a good crowd for this, and would be grateful for any feedback (and Q&A) about my talk. To purchase tickets click here. A big thank you to the people at JICNY for this opporunity; they have done a tremendous job building community and I could learn a lot from them.
⚪️AICF’s 78th Celebration of the Arts of Israel will feature choreographer Igal Perry’s Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, cellist Zvi Plesser, pianist Miri Yampolsky, jazz pianist Alon Yavnai‘s big band, 13-year-old violinist Yanir Eldorot - a current AICF grant recipient, and other extraordinary Israeli talents. Actor and producer Mira Tzur will be MCing! To purchase tickets click here. The event is taking place Sunday, November 19, 2017, 3:00PM at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater (Time Warner Center at 60th St. and Broadway). For Tarbut (AICF’s Young Leadership) group tickets click here
⚪️OOG club is a new concept for foodies - where delicious fast-food meets communities and creates an experience which is all about people - HAPPY people. Launching with deliveries for HAPPY HOURS/companies events in NY. Keep in touch by following them on Instagram:
⚪️My brother Ari has been getting commissioned to paint for people. His artwork is available to view at - He has finished pieces available as well as examples of popular sold items that he can replicate or modify based on his customers’ preference. His most popular paintings are people’s pets, often in human bodies and iconic poses. I’ve included some of his work below, I’m a big believer that a person can express themselves creatively in a variety of ways. You can contact him directly here.
If you’re fasting, have an easy one,
Jonathan ‘Yoni’ Frenkel
+1 (908) 616-9776 (Whatsapp) | Skype: jonathanfrenkel
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