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January 6 · Issue #20 · View online
Sharing meaningful experiences, impactful ideas and career + event opportunities in the NY/TLV tech ecosystems

Start today.

Welcome to 2018 and YKC. We don’t need New Year’s resolutions to commit every single day to improve ourselves by taking small steps. Let’s crush 2018 people!
But if you need some inspiration to kick off 2018, check out Competition is For Losers: Invent Your Own Category. A bit of a twist on this idea but competition doesn’t exist, really, the only person you need to compete against is yourself. This reading list of anticipated releases for 2018 will give you plenty of ideas on what books to read this year.
If you’re planning on attending CES in Las Vegas next week please respond to this message, or ping me on Whatsapp or Telegram. I will add you to the Telegram group we’re curating at the conference for all the good tech events and private after-parties. See you in Sin City!
“Live. Give. Forgive.”
-Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
1984 by George Orwell:  Two themes I’ve been thinking about lately (and the reason I’m turning to the classics):
⚪️Everything that will happen in the future (human behavior) probably happened already in the past: It’s all written down somewhere, so best to learn from other’s past mistakes. The only caveat here is predicting what future technologies will look like (who knows really, I mean, even people paid handsomely to predict this get it wrong more often than right) so I’m turning to the sci-fi subgenre cyberpunk. Every visionary type in Silicon Valley from Elon to Zuck taut this genre as inspiration for their breakthrough ideas and products: The Sci-Fi Guru Who Predicated Google Earth Explains Silicon Valley’s Latest Obsession. Ex., I’ve read that Snow Crash is the book which has most influenced Facebook’s vision for a VR future. If I’m going to be wrong more than I’m right, I might as well enjoy the ride.
⚪️Less information might actually improve decision making: I’m on a Facebook and news diet to reduce the amount of noise.
Psychologist Daniel Kahneman has spent his whole life researching how we make decisions (and won a Nobel Prize on the way). But wunderkind and hedge fund advisor Adam Robinson’s thoughts on this topic sum it up very nicely. But what do I know? I’m biased as well, I’m pointing to data that falls in line with my worldview ;) It’s not actually less information, it’s less stimuli (and data). Your subconscious, that AI algorithm programmed over millions of years of evolution is analyzing data non-stop and producing insights, i.e, gut decisions. With meditation (being aware of the constant chatter) and journaling (getting the chatter out of your head and onto a page), your subconscious’s advice might be clearer.  
The ideas that the future is going to repeat the past + sometimes it’s wise to utilize less information helped me imagine a future which never occurred (a British socialism which resembles a modern-day North Korean police state) in 1984. Orwell believed at the end of WWII that socialism (and communism) might win the war of economic ideas. Capitalism would prove itself to be the winner, but some of the ideas explored in the book are relevant today. Sometimes the amount of data gathered about us (willingly) online does make me recall Big Brother’s (the novel’s fictional omnipresent governmental figurehead) ever-watching gaze. 
1984 is a good foray before entering the cyberpunk genre; the book explores concepts which anchor cyberpunk’s vision of the future (a dystopian future on the brink, a combination of low life and high tech, tech used against humanity/enslaving us, etc.) If you’re brave check out Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We which inspired Orwell’s 1984 (Russian novelists are not known for their economic use of language). The book was written literally almost one hundred years ago! But the actual 1984 was not like 1984. I’m more optimistic. 
iPhones would probably be banned in "1984"
iPhones would probably be banned in "1984"
YKC Featured Candidate: My brother Guy Frenkel, a specialist in Self-determination, is currently a contributing writer at the Israel Policy Forum and is looking for more writing opportunities on subjects pertaining to nationalism, ethnic conflict, and Israeli politics. In addition, he’s also looking for more full-time work in the NGO sector in the role of a Program Manager or Research Associate. He can be contacted at You can find samples of his work below:
SaferVPN is looking for a highly motivated, creative and data-driven Inbound Marketing Manager to join their fast-growing startup, located by Rothschild Boulevard in the heart of Tel Aviv. If you are passionate about skyrocketing growth, love seeing numbers go in the right direction and can confidently lead projects and take initiative, this job is for you. To apply: Email your resume, LinkedIn Profile, and a bit about yourself to with the subject line: Inbound Marketing Manager
Write 10 Ideas Down a Day: This is harder than you think. Try and come up with 10 original ideas a day (particularly business ideas). I’ve been doing this for the past few months (using Google Keep) and feel (alongside with meditation) that I’ve been able to constantly generate new ideas. Remember, most ideas are ‘bad’, but when you generate 10 new ideas a day, there will be some diamonds. How To Become An Idea Machine is a good place to start.
StoreSmarts: I met with one of the founders of this promising startup during the summer of 2016 in Tel Aviv, so it was nice to see their recent acquisition by Retail IQ. A bit about them; StoreSmarts provides retailers with analytics and insights about shoppers’ behavior in brick and mortar stores. Similar to Google Analytics, but for real-world stores and malls. Their technology is based on monitoring WiFi signals in the store and does not require the end shopper to log onto WiFi or opt-in with any mobile app.
And whether or not this will happen this year; Amazon Will Buy Target This Year, Gene Munster Predicts, retail is changing rapidly. Expecting to see a lot of IoT and VR/AR (and MR, mixed reality) around retail at CES.
⚪️TED Residency: The TED Residency program is an incubator for breakthrough ideas. It is free and open to all via a semiannual competitive application. Those chosen as TED Residents will spend fourteen weeks at TED headquarters in New York City, working on their ideas. Although some may produce an artwork, a manuscript, or an amazing theorem, each Resident will also develop a TED talk and deliver it on a TED stage. Click for more information here

⚪️Fusion LA: My friends at Fusion LA, the first accelerator for Israeli startups in LA who are helping great entrepreneurs build their dream companies are now taking applications for their next batch of startups. I love what they’re doing in building the LA tech ecosystem and strengthing US-Israel tech relationships. To apply click here.
⚪️Breakfast with an Investor: Thomas Wisniewski, Managing Partner, Newark Venture Partners. They hosted Thomas a few months back, but with the NVP Accelerator’s deadline fast approaching they decided to give you all a chance to come hear about this program, and have an opportunity to directly ask Thomas any questions you might have. Heads up: this is your one and only opportunity to take advantage of this level of access! Thursday, January 11, 8.30 am - 10 am. Hosted by Bonnie Halper, Editor, StartupOneStop Newsletter. Tickets here.
⚪️CORNELL TECH@BLOOMBERG: Featuring Mario Schlosser, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Oscar Health: Bloomberg, Cornell Tech, and Tech:NYC invite you to join them for the latest installment of the CornellTech@Bloomberg series, featuring Mario Schlosser, co-founder and CEO of Oscar Health. Wednesday, January 24, 2018 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Bloomberg L.P. 731 Lexington Avenue. RSVP here.
⚪️AUTHORS @GCT WITH CHRIS HUGHES: Chris Hughes is the co-founder of Facebook and the Economic Security Project. Learn more about how he’s rethinking inequality. Grand Central Tech, 4th Floor. 335 Madison Ave. Tickets here.
⚪️TechDay New York: The largest of this series will be on May 10th in NYC at Pier 94. Attendance is free for the TechDay community through March 5th, so grab your ticket today. If you’d like to exhibit your startup, booths are at their lowest rate, so secure your spot now. TechDay is the closest thing the New York tech community has to a major tech conference, so it’s definitely worth checking out. RSVP here.

Stay warm out there and wishing you all an amazing 2018!
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