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Lancero's 5 minute startup read - How to create a killer landing page

Lancero's 5 minute startup read
Lancero's 5 minute startup read
As a startup founder, your landing page is holy. It’s the place where you could convince your potential customer to buy your product or sign up for your waitlist. Your first impression is made in less than 15 seconds. This means that during the very first seconds of your potential customer’s visit, you either sell them or lose them. Let’s define the crucial steps for creating a money machine landing page.

Create Outstanding Copy
Your copy is the text and content of your page and it is your most powerful weapon! It can convince a website visitor to take action (click on a button, leave his mail…). This is mostly combined with a straightforward call-to-action. But how do you write great copy?
Write like you’re describing it to a friend in a bar. One of the most important parts of a good copy is clear human language. Leave all the nonsense and complex technical definitions, write what your customer belongs for. You need to portray the image your customer is belonging to, this can be done by asking yourself the “So What?” question. The so-what question needs to make clear why this matters to your customer and what value they get.
For example, you’re a graphic design studio and one of your services is selling award-winning design. Adding plain “award-winning design” to your landing page leaves most people cold but after utilizing the “So What?” method we get this:
  1. Award-winning design. So what?
  2. Standout with an amazing-looking website. So what?
  3. Look like an expert right from the start ⇒ this is what your customer is cravings for
Their customers are craving for skilled individuals that could work togheter with them
Their customers are craving for skilled individuals that could work togheter with them
Have One Clear Call-To-Action
After you wrote a great copy you should make sure you have a clear call-to-action to back it up. There are two crucial steps here. Firstly, we want our potential customers to read the headline and still be interested. After that we want them to view the call-to-action and perform the action we expect them to do. For example, if you want your user to sign up for your newsletter, you could use a button under your headline saying “Sign up today for free”.
In the method above we created some kind of urgency because we use the word “today”. We also need to make sure that we give him an “irresistible offer”. In the example above the offer is that you’re giving free knowledge from your newsletter. Another example could be: Sign up today and get 15% off your first month.
Portray Your Value Proposition
What value are you providing your customers, what is your value proposition? Combined with the copy you have the power to tell your story! Why does your customer need your product for his/her problem? Before you begin writing anything you need to lay down all the pains your “potential users” could have. For example, if we’re looking at Starlink (a startup from Elon Musk).
The problem they are trying to solve is to provide internet to anyone in places that aren’t accessible by conventional cables with high-speed internet. What is the pain for their potential customers? They have no internet or cables don’t reach the place where they live. In times like these where everything is happening online, it’s a must to have an internet connection! Their pain reliever like we described above is providing high bandwidth internet without any cables running under the ground. what are the gains? People will be able to contact their families via the internet.
Make sure you lay all this out into your landing page! Like we told you, you only have 15 seconds.
Don't forget mobile
54.8% of website traffic is through mobile devices, and this number is without tablets. I don’t think I could provide more numbers to convince you that working mobile-first is important! Don’t worry, the pain is totally worth the reward. Google ranks websites that are built-for-mobile higher in the index! So if you want people to organically find you through keyword searches you should put your mobile design in priority.
“Getting good, relevant answers when you search shouldn’t depend on what device you’re using. You should get the best answer possible, whether you’re on a phone, desktop, or tablet. […] We started using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal on mobile searches. […] We’ll start rolling out an update to mobile search results that increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.”
This statement by Google themselves proves how important it is to get your mobile-friendliness right! Don’t ignore it because it could bring in a whole load of customers!
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Lancero's 5 minute startup read
Lancero's 5 minute startup read @joinlancero

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