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New Energy Economy #1

When I was a boy alternative energy books always included a chapter on composting toilets. Telling pe

New Energy Economy

January 3 · Issue #1 · View online
Transformations in clean energy

When I was a boy alternative energy books always included a chapter on composting toilets. Telling people to shit on sawdust is not great marketing. The earnest insistence on discomfort broadcast that the energy revolution was not around the corner.
That’s changed over the past decade. You can see it in the tens of thousands of wind turbines dotting Texas plains and California passes, and in the explosion of cheap solar kickstarted by German demand and Chinese supply. Renewables are now at cost parity with carbon energy in many parts of the world, and we are in the midst of a profound global energy transformation.
New Energy Economy is a weekly roundup of stories covering renewables, grid technology, energy storage, electric and autonomous vehicles, and the economic and regulatory forces affecting them all.

Electric vehicles – It’s not just about the car
Giant Wind Turbines Now At Eight Megawatts, And Getting Larger
China Turns to $503 Billion Rail Expansion to Boost Growth
Growth, carbon, and Trump: State progress and drift on economic growth and emissions ‘decoupling’
Five links
Solar panel prices fell to a record low of 36 cents per watt last week. [Link]
A good, thorough guesstimate of what a Tesla solar roof will set you back. [Link]
No roofs in France? World’s first solar highway opens, only €5 million per km. [Link]
Larry Page is pouring millions in to flying cars. [Link]
Not to be outdone, Amazon patents giant fulfillment centers in the sky, slung under blimps, with drones shooting out to deliver books and whatnot to the people down below. [Link]
Moving to Access: Is the current transport model broken?
When a beer cooler rolls up to your doorstep, the future has arrived
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