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By Johan Horak

The latest Cape Town Travel News. Trips, Tricks, restaurants, things to do, short term rentals and fun adventures.

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Cape Town Slaves Shaping Politics : Johan's Cape Town Travel News - Issue #7

I was intrigued by a news story about a slave shipwreck, off Camps Bay. The historians exploring the wreck said,'We have history that hasn’t been uncovered'....I went exploring and thought that history buffs visiting Cape Town may be interested in the Cape’s …


Apartheid & It's Origins - Cape Town For Tourist- Issue #8

Let me conclude this madness with some wise words from Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela.


Let's Go Hiking In Cape Town: Johan's Cape Town Travel News - Issue #6

Any good Cape Town hiking news, any tips and routes. Please share.RegardsJohan HorakP.S. Johan Horak is an experience creator at the SuperHost Short Term Rental Agency Cape Town.


Top Rated Simonstown Restaurants - Issue #5

Well. These are obviously not all the Simonstown restaurants. Other newcomers may surprise us. If you know of any let me know.To conclude: A friend and famous restauranteur (La Calombe - see intro) prepares fine food with amazing twist. The caveat: He does it…


10 Cape Town Wedding Planning Resources: Johan's Cape Town Travel News - Issue #3

Cape Town wedding accommodation ranges from ultra-luxury to self-catering. I suggest you look at these award-winning luxury Cape Town hotels.


Disable Wheel Chair Friendly Cape Town Holiday Resources: - Issue #4

Many of these articles shows you two or more similar ideas. Showing you how popular they are but I included these as some add more or less info that may be of benefit to your planning.


Covid Cape Town Travel News - Issue #2

Sometimes we question governments ability. And rightly so. Most are making mistakes. But listening to Andrew Cuomo blasting the USA Federal Goverment's poor response where every Tom & Dick jump against each other to bid for PPE. The only winners was the C…


The Mystery Of Orcas & Great Whites in Cape Town: False Bay - Newsletter Issue #1

Is it the Orcas, over fishing or just normal changes in nature? And what is your opinion of Orcas and how they would impact tourism in Cape Town.Speak to you soon,Johan HorakAn experience creator at