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🧠 Tiny Thoughts 23: Pressing pause, bad wishes, etc

🧠 Tiny Thoughts 23: Pressing pause, bad wishes, etc
By Jamie Sutton • Issue #23 • View online
Hello. I’m still alive.
This newsletter will be put on pause for an undetermined period of time as I think about how I want to approach publishing content online moving forward.
Thank you for reading my thoughts for the past 23(!) weeks.
Here’s what I’ve thought about this past week:

💭 On my mind
  • 🌌 What if you had got what you wanted? Have you ever thought about how different your life would be today if your wishes would have come true 10 years ago? I’m thankful my wishes didn’t come true, though I’m sure that’s not the case for everybody.
  • 🧑 “I’m not the person that…” Why not? Personalities are malleable. It’s unfair to blame the software you’re running now for preventing you from leveling up. Just patch it.
  • 🤔 Are you settling? Autopilot is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take control again, at will. In what areas of your life are you settling in? Choose carefully.
📚 Books of the week
📙 Reading: Doing Content Right by Steph Smith. This week I’ve dipped into Steph Smith’s new book on personal brand building. She’s also doing live AMAs for each section within the book; I watched a good chunk of the first one and enjoyed it.
👋 See you next time!
Thanks for reading.
Here’s a quote from Soul Without Shame:
You are a slave to your own ideas of who you are and how you need to be.
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Jamie Sutton

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