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🧠 Tiny Thoughts 22: Knowledge, common sense, etc

🧠 Tiny Thoughts 22: Knowledge, common sense, etc
By Jamie Sutton • Issue #22 • View online
Hello. I’m still alive.
Rainy mornings suck. Rainy afternoons can be debated. Rainy nights, like really late at night, are great.
Here’s what I’ve thought about this past week:

💭 On my mind
  • 🧠 What is knowledge? Knowledge comes from listening to the right person at the right time. The catch is that we never know who will be the next person to spark our next big idea or paradigm shift. Another argument for developing above-average listening skills.
  • 📄 Does common sense exist? If it did, you would think mindlessly accepting legal agreements and privacy policies across all the software and services we use would violate it… yet, here we are.
  • 🤔 Is this a thinking problem or a doing problem? I’m guilty of trying to out-think doing problems. Some problems require more research before you can act on them. But many don’t. Don’t try to out-think a doing problem.
📚 Books of the week
📙 Finished: The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson. This was just as good as I hoped. Again, not a ton of new content for anybody who has already listened to the Shane Parrish/Naval podcast, but a healthy refresher bundled into an easy to read format. The book is completely free online (including a .mobi version).
👋 See you next Tuesday!
Thanks for reading.
Here’s a quote from The Almanack of Naval Ravikant:
A lot of what goes on today is what many of you are doing right now—beating yourself up and scribbling notes and saying, “I need to do this, and I need to do that, and I need to do…” No, you don’t need to do anything. All you should do is what you want to do. If you stop trying to figure out how to do things the way other people want you to do them, you get to listen to the little voice inside your head that wants to do things a certain way. Then, you get to be you.
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