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🧠 Tiny Thoughts 17: Death, your ideal self, etc

🧠 Tiny Thoughts 17: Death, your ideal self, etc
By Jamie Sutton • Issue #17 • View online
Hello. I’m still alive.
Working towards writing again: Here’s my new about me page.
Here’s what I’ve thought about this past week:

💭 On my mind
  • 💀 The relationship between life and death. I binge read a bunch of posts from More To That this past weekend. This one on the nature of death was excellent. Death doesn’t simply rest until your final moments. Death is always hovering, in constant negotiation with life as to what opportunities and experiences are available to you. Thanks to Jacky for putting me on to More to That.
  • 🎯 Fighting for your ideal self. Can you ever truly become your ideal self? Ideals are sneaky and ever-changing. While you’re busy working towards “success”, whatever what means to you, your ideals are constantly re-calibrating to your current position in life. It’s hard to score when the goal posts keep shifting!
  • 🙄 “I’m fine”. “Fine” never means fine, it means pseudo-fine, 100% of the time. What other expressions or phrases do we rely on as code for “This is a politely veiled "leave me alone”?
  • 🌊 COVID-19, wave 2. With winter only about a season away, I’m starting to think about how I can better prepare for a second wave. If I were certain another wave was imminent, how would that change my day-to-day behavior? And what about a third wave?
  • ⌚ Experimenting with time? What would happen if I hid the time from showing on my phone and laptop? I only really have a handful of appointments each week that expect me to be on time. Why do I even look at the clock on days free of those commitments?
📚 Books of the week
📗 Finished: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. The banter between characters in this book is genius. It’s so clever, witty, and hilarious! The story itself started gaining momentum for me a little more than half-way in. I’m too scared to say anything else in case I drop spoilers. Read the first 10 pages of this book and you’ll know right away whether or not it’s the right book for you.
📕 Reading Now: The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter—And How to Make the Most of Them Now by Meg Jay. Generally, I find that if a pop-sci author has a TED talk or a podcast appearance, you can generally get the gist of their book by viewing that. Often on 2x speed. This book, however, was recommended by Nat Eliason, and I trust his filter to hold up. I’m about halfway through, and it has—this has been a good book. More on this next week.
👋 See you next Tuesday!
Thanks for reading.
Here’s another quote I like from The Picture of Dorian Gray:
“Do you feel quite sure of that, Dorian?”
“Quite sure.”
“Ah! then it must be an illusion. The things one feels absolutely certain about are never true. That is the fatality of Faith, and the lesson of Romance.
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