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By Jamie Sutton

🧠 Tiny Thoughts 16: Abundance, mental snapshots, etc



🧠 Tiny Thoughts 16: Abundance, mental snapshots, etc
By Jamie Sutton • Issue #16 • View online
Hello. I’m still alive.
My bookmarks bar is a mess.
Here’s what I’ve thought about this past week:

💭 On my mind
  • 💬 “The best thing since sliced bread”. My irrational hate for this harmless saying continues this week as I think about how much I appreciate paragraphs. I like paragraphs much more than I like sliced bread. Can you imagine how painful reading would become if paragraphs didn’t exist?
  • 🔮 Unlocking abundance. Some times we hold on to things (or people) for too long. It’s difficult to loosen our grasp on something that brings us joy, no matter how infrequently that joy is sparked. This sense of joy isn’t tied to a specific action, person, or possession. It’s energy meant to be carried with you wherever you go, to be harnessed in whatever you do, and used to make connections with whoever you meet.
  • 💈 The ultimate accountability partner. Hair dressers are the ultimate accountability partners: You see them every 1-2 months and update them on what’s happened in your life since the last time they saw you. If you don’t have any new stories for your hair dresser, you might need to mix things up.
  • 🌊 Realizing you can swim. Swim in failure until you’re convinced it’s incapable of drowning of you. Few people recognize when they fear failure. It’s difficult to spot when you don’t try to accomplish anything.
  • 📸 Savor moments worth remembering. My high school English teacher once told a story about his final day of school as a student. He loved school. So, on the final day of class, he took time to fully savor the moment: he slowly scanned the classroom with his eyes, taking stock of all the tiny details that wouldn’t typically catch his attention. He took a deep breath, noting the smell of the room, the sounds of his classmates, and the energy flowing between them. He wanted to take a mental snapshot of a moment he didn’t want to forget.
📚 Books of the week
📗 Reading Now: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I love the writing in this book… it oozes charisma. Not much to report on here seeing as this is a novel. I’ll drop some of my favorite quotes so far instead:
I make a great difference between people. I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects.
You are an extraordinary fellow. You never say a moral thing, and you never do a wrong thing.
She was a curious woman, whose dresses always looked as if they had been designed in a rage and put on in a tempest.
👋 See you next Tuesday!
Thanks for reading.
Here’s a quote I like about money from the YNAB book (which I didn’t particularly like… good quote though!):
What do I want my money to do for me? is about nothing less than deciding what kind of life you want to live, and then making a plan so your money can help you get there.
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