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🧠 Tiny Thoughts 14: Style, mental toughness, etc

🧠 Tiny Thoughts 14: Style, mental toughness, etc
By Jamie Sutton • Issue #14 • View online
Hello. I’m still alive.
Why does tofu taste like clouds?
Here’s what I’ve thought about this past week:

💭 On my mind
  • 😎 Style is just weirdness displayed with confidence. Own your personal quirks.
  • 🆘 An advice column with a twist. An advice column, but you need to give advice to a random person before your plea for help is answered. The twist: you’re actually giving advice to yourself. Your problem is reworded and names are changed. This is one of my favorite heuristics, again: give yourself the advice you’d give a friend if they were in your situation.
  • 💪 What does it mean to become mentally strong? To be physically strong is to increase your capacity to perform physical actions. What does it mean to become mentally strong? What benchmarks can we use to gauge our progress?
  • 🏁 Tutorials aren’t finish lines. Just about every time I decide I’m finally going to learn how to code, I make it my mission to complete a coding course. Then, once completed, I stop coding. This can tie into reading, too: Reading can be a productive form of entertainment, and I advocate reading for exposure to ideas, but when you are reading with a purpose—to solve a specific problem—the reading is only a means to an ends. Acquiring information is rarely the finish line.
  • 💡 Ideas rarely produce change on their own. Knowing something isn’t enough to change your behavior. You know you should eat better, exercise more, and keep your room clean. Simply knowing something isn’t enough to produce change.
📚 Books of the week
📗 Finished: Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. All the books I started before taking a break from reading are now completed. The weather has been great and I love reading outside in the sun, iced coffee and a water by my side.
I wrote about Shadow Divers before, so I’ll keep things short. This book is a real interesting glimpse at the dangerous sport of deep sea shipwreck diving. The author, who’s an incredible writer, shares a story about a ragtag gang of grizzled divers who’ve made a historic discovery in the New Jersey coast. It’s a true story. I won’t spoil it.
📕 Quit: How to Live: A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer. I was excited about this one, but ultimately it digs too deep into the weeds of 1500s history for me to stay engaged. I will check out Montaigne’s essays, though. The author has sold me on that.
📙 Currently Reading: The Big Short: Inside The Doomsday Machine. The book behind one of the greatest “educational” movies of all time. I’ve watched the movie several times and still don’t fully understand the 2007-2008 financial crisis.
This time around I’ve been making liberal use of Khan Academy to explain things like credit default swaps and mortgage-backed securities. I’m going to take it slow with this book and read for understanding. I’ll pick up another book soon to read alongside this one.
👋 See you next Tuesday!
Thanks for reading.
Here’s a quote from the book I quit, How to Live:
In truth, however hard you try, you can never retrieve an experience in full. As a famous line by the ancient philosopher Heraclitus has it, you cannot step into the same river twice. Even if you return to the same spot on the bank, different water flows in upon you at every moment.
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