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Jina Rewind: the Future is Now, Jina NOW

Dev Rel team @ Jina AI
Dev Rel team @ Jina AI
Notice anything different? Our newsletter got a little facelift!
Besides the obvious, we have so much to catch you up on.
This week, we have a new product release, all-new features of your favorite products, inspiring community projects and ways for you to get involved!

New Product Release: Now? NOW!
Jina NOW → The one-liner Neural Search
💡Learn more:
We would love to hear your feedback about Jina NOW. After you’ve installed it, please help us by filling up the survey
All New Features
JCloud is a CLI that simplifies deploying and managing Jina projects on Jina Cloud. To use it, make sure to update your DocArray to the latest version — pip install -U docarray
💡Early free access — We’re hosting your Jina projects and provide computational and storage resources, for free!
We’ve also deployed a DALL-E Mini example on JCloud. Copy the Python/curl code snippet into your terminal to create images from text!
More info:
More info:
DocArray 0.13
Apart from the usual bug fixes and feature development, we also released 1 Million scale benchmarks on 6 different operations for DocArray backends. Check them out to understand the best Document stores for your use case and enjoy DocumentArray API and persistence at scale.
CLIP-as-service 0.3.0
New features:
Make sure to update the server pip install -U clip_server and update the client pip install -U clip_client
Read the full changelog here.
Jina Hub - DalleMini
DalleMini | Latest Executor | Jina Hub
A sample of generated image for the text “Sunrise through a glass window”
A sample of generated image for the text “Sunrise through a glass window”
Community Showcase
Movie Recommender powered by Jina AI | Achintya
Got a project to showcase? Tweet at us with the hashtag #MadeWithJina or show off in the #showcase channel of our Slack community.
Most Recent Blog Posts and Videos
📹The Neural Search Ecosystem from Jina AI
📃Jina Executor Sandbox →Processing Data in the Cloud
📃Build a neural-search-powered chatbot
📃Executors inside Executors. Oh my!
Upcoming Events
Engineering All Hands, May 10, 6:00 PM CET
Get Involved
✨ Contribute to our Good First Issues Repo
Our good first issues repo features some great issues for those looking to take their first steps into open source with Jina. Check them out here:
✨ Get Jina Certified
Take our Learning Bootcamp quiz with beginner, intermediate and advanced tracks to etch your name in our Hall of Fame!
Learning Bootcamp
Learning Bootcamp
✨ Join our Meetup Group
Jina Community Meetup (Berlin, Germany) | Meetup
Thank you for reading this issue! We would love to hear your feedback. You can reach us on our socials:
🐦 Twitter | 💼 LinkedIn | 🔧 GitHub | 📺 YouTube | 🤝Slack
Until next time,
Team DevRel
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Dev Rel team @ Jina AI
Dev Rel team @ Jina AI @jinaai_

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