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jimseven #33 - Could this be peak newsletter?

More of a traditional (if that's the word) newsletter this time. Lots to read, so little time! I beli
jimseven #33 - Could this be peak newsletter?
By James Hoffmann • Issue #32 • View online
More of a traditional (if that’s the word) newsletter this time. Lots to read, so little time! I believe, perhaps naively, that this is the best collection of reading I’ve put together to date. Don’t skip anything…

- I made a couple of videos recently: The Truth About Paper Cups and The Best Coffee in Dublin. As an update to the first one, it seems the UK government has rejected the “latte levy”. On one hand, this is good but their response is really just an abdication of responsibility and a decision to do nothing. That’s not ok.
The Coffee Shop Industry, Recycling and the Circular Economy. Read this, some great ideas to steal from other people.
- The WCR Catalogue of Arabica coffee varieties. Go and get lost in here for a while.
- Starbucks opens up their Costa Rican farm. (I continue to struggle with having to hold two opposing feelings about this company. Love them, hate them…)
- Put your gin in the fridge. I presume you’re already storing your vermouths properly, but this fantastic post from the Lone Wolf blog exposes the death of quality for most people’s gin. I use Private Preserve (Amazon link) for this stuff, and recommend it!
- Gender and your kitchen design. Excellent piece on the way kitchen appliances are now designed, and the gender bias therein.
- How do you take your hot chocolate? The lovely people at Cocoa Runners would love to hear from you, whether you work in coffee or not. (It’s pretty short and there’s a little thank you at the end…)
Please read these:
There are three pieces you should really read, or have read. All essential (I should probably have put this at the top). 
- The Opioid Epidemic in America. An absolutely superb piece of writing, giving context and meaning to something so enormously devasting but also (to someone outside the US) somewhat abstract.
- The male glance: how we fail to take women’s stories seriously. I could probably have put this in the coffee or food section, as it is important and broadly applicable - despite the fact it is centred around art.
- YouTube, the Great Radicalizer. Another fantastic piece from Zeynep Tufekci. Proof that machine learning takes you to a very stupid and dangerous place if you imbue that machine with the flaws of human thinking. YouTube has quietly become immensely influential with endless unintended consequences.
OK, just one few more
I know (from your complaints) that I sometimes send too many links. Allow me just a final indulgence:
- Is there a show with more visual jokes than Bojack Horseman? Check out the art depicted in it. So good.
As always, thanks for reading.
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