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jimseven #31 - Let's get right into it...

No beating around the bush this week, straight into the good stuff!
jimseven #31 - Let's get right into it...
By James Hoffmann • Issue #31 • View online
No beating around the bush this week, straight into the good stuff!

In Coffee
- I wrote a response to the UK government’s proposed “Latte Levy” - a tax on disposable coffee cups aimed at reducing the amount of waste produced.
- I made a video tasting the best specialty instant coffees head to head. I expect this to be the big growth category this year, a little like capsules/pods have been recently. There’s another video coming very soon, you can click subscribe here if you want to catch it the easier way.
- There are only about 100 sets of Coffee Brewing Dice for Aeropress left. There will not be more. (Unless someone wants to licence them from me).
- Ethiopia plans to overhaul its rural economy to support more sustainable agriculture and regenerate millions of hectares of degraded forest. An obvious impact on coffee.
In Food
- The New Food Economy. This is one of my current favourite food websites right now, have a browse - there’s some great writing. If you want somewhere to start: How changing women’s fashions gave us the hairnet - and shaped food safety law forever.
- I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter. You’ve probably read this, but if you haven’t then you should.
- Microbes Gave Us Life. You’ve probably already I’m a little obsessed with microbiology, I think for very good reason.
Five things you really should read
Put some time aside, fire up Pocket or Instapaper, and read these:
- Google Maps’s Moat. (Justin O'Beirne’s work has been mentioned in this newsletter before. It’s simply excellent, whether or not you thought you’d find someone writing about mapping services interesting.)
And if you only read one:
- It’s the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech. (Anything Zeynep Tufekci writes I am probably going to recommend reading)

As always - thanks for reading! 
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