jimseven #27 - Dystopia, Costa Coffee & Twitter

A coffee-heavy issue this week, and I probably could have put a couple more coffee related links in b
jimseven #27 - Dystopia, Costa Coffee & Twitter
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A coffee-heavy issue this week, and I probably could have put a couple more coffee related links in but I’m trying to find that balanced sweet spot. What I have been thinking about this week is the title of this TED Talk (I’m not a huge TED fan, but it is a great title): We’re building a dystopia just to make people click on ads.
On to this week’s reading:

In Coffee
- The confusion of expensive coffee. I wrote a piece about how our most expensive coffees are often our weirdest, and perhaps we ought not to be selling them as our “best”.
- Immersion vs. Percolation. Scott Rao wrote a piece on how we calculate extraction, and even though we now calculate them differently we still might be getting it wrong.
Costa sales growth dips as UK coffee drinkers turn to artisan options. I think the Guardian gets it wrong - I think this is just a sign of a saturated market. Chains still trade way stronger than independents (in per store sales they’re typically twice as busy as independents). I think the UK just has enough coffee shops now.
- Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood’s Global Water Survey. Got a water test kit? Measure your water and share your data!
The surprising history of London’s fascinating (but forgotten) coffeehouses. An excellent piece in the Telegraph by Dr Matthew Green.
Reusable or Disposable: Which coffee cup has a smaller footprint? Keepcups and the like are reasonably popular, here’s some data on how green they are, and how they compare to ceramic.
Five More Things
- How Dark Chocolate Became a Health Food. Clue: it’s the funding. (Much like how the D**ly M**l reminds us that coffee will kill and cure us)
- How to Build a Good Local Economy. Practical, useful, interesting.
- How I Socially Engineer Myself into Secure Facilities. Ignore the GIFs. Sidenote: If we replaced “a thief hacked someone’s account” with “a thief figured out someone’s password” then we’d all probably be better at things like security and passwords.
- Women Aren’t Ruining Food. I liked this piece a lot, it could probably sit in the coffee section too…
- One Person’s History of Twitter, from beginning to end. I like Mike Monteiro’s writing a lot. As someone with conflicted feelings about twitter, this was a great read.
As always, thanks for reading and sharing.
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