jimseven #22 - Serious then not so serious

This newsletter exists to share things I find interesting, or that I'm working on. There are things t
jimseven #22 - Serious then not so serious
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This newsletter exists to share things I find interesting, or that I’m working on. There are things that I think are important to read and think about, though they may not necessarily brighten your day. (Inspiration doesn’t always come from a positive place…)
However, to lighten to the mood we’ll start with something less serious…

In Coffee (Mostly)
- I bought some CLR CFF (Clear Coffee) and thought it would be fun to taste and review it on camera. It was not fun. Watch me suffer here.
- The BBC’s article, Coffee Under Threat, was the most linked to/shared coffee piece in the last couple of weeks. Just in case you missed it, have a read. Surprisingly well written for a mainstream media piece on coffee.
- The Paradox of American Restaurants. Another great piece from The Atlantic on restaurants in America, much of it relevant to coffee shops. Some great charts and data here too.
The future is emotional. This is something of a follow-up article to one in the last newsletter, about the value of empathy and social skills in the future labour market. It’s very good.
Serious Things
- Are plagues and wars the only ways to reduce inequality? This wasn’t really an idea I had encountered until Thomas Piketty’s “Capital” (and the endless articles summarising the monstrous tome). Sidenote: I’d take his solution over the wars and plagues.
- Who Americans Spend Their Time With. These charts are fascinating, charting our interactions throughout our lifetimes (age is the x-axis, I have no idea why they aren’t labelled?!)
- There are more refugees today than ever before. The sheer numbers wreck my head.
- Why ‘hydro-politics’ will shape the 21st Century. This BBC article was my introduction to the term hydro-politics. I’m now stunned I hadn’t heard it discussed before.
Less Serious Things
- ’OK Computer’: An Oral History. I like Radiohead. The fact that this record just turned 20 years old kind of freaks me out. It’s a great read and a good excuse to go and listen to it again. Sidenote: It feels like oral histories have really become a thing again in the last couple of years.
- Music streaming triggers resurgence in small labels. I feel less bad about the amount of music I don’t buy anymore.
- Cats: A weird outlier among domesticated animals. Further evidence that we are, in fact, the pets here…
Thanks all for everything sent through and shared, it is appreciated. If you know someone who you think would enjoy receiving this email then do please send it on and share where you can.
Thanks again,
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